Ricochet on WWE: “I’ve Already Made My Decision”


Choo-choo, back on the rumor train! Although this time, it’s actually true. You’re probably all too familiar with the rumors regarding Ricochet, who also moonlights on Lucha Underground as Prince Puma, reportedly getting signed to WWE.

Multiple sources are reporting that Ricochet has declined to sign another contract with El Rey Network once Season 3 of Lucha Underground has finished airing. He also has to wait until the season is over to sign with another promotion that also has a TV deal in the United States.

Also interesting were his comments on Jim Ross’s podcast, The Ross Report. You can check out the highlights below! You can listen to the full interview on the website and check out the transcribed edition provided by Wrestling Inc. Here’s what he had to say after stating he’d love to work in WWE:

“Even all the people that I know that have been there, they always tell me, ‘you’ve got to at least experience it once.’ But they tell me ‘you’ve got to go there and experience it at least once – whether you like it or not, it’s up to you, but you’ve got to go there and you’ve got to experience it once.’

“And, of course, I would love to go there one day. So hopefully, all my ducks get in line and get in order and I can make it happen, but, I mean, of course, I would love to, but right now, I’m still just kind of doing my thing, doing the New Japan thing, I still [have] got the Lucha [Underground] going on right now. But, of course, one day, I’d really, really, really enjoy to be there one day.

“I’ve got some decisions to make right now. I mean, like, right now, I’m in a position where decisions are needing to be made, so it’s actually something that [has] been on my mind here recently. I think I’ve already made my decision, which one I want to do, if that gives you some suspense, I guess. I think I’ve already made my mind up, like, which one I want to do. Definitely between now and 2017 some decisions are going to have to be made and stuff’s going to have to happen, so I’m just hoping for the best.”

Lucha Underground returns this Wednesday, September 7th! In the meantime, hope this gets you hyped up for what’s to come for Ricochet!

Photo credit: Lucha Underground social media

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