Star Trek Discovery TV Spoilers: 5 More Things We Now Know About New Star Trek TV Series!

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Star Trek: Discover showrunner Bryan Fuller has some interesting responses and teases about the January 2017 debuting TV series during the Q & A portion of the recent Star Trek Discovery Television Critics Association (TCA) panel.

The below 5 revelations build on the 15 others teases Fuller revealed; making it a nice round 20 things we know about Star Trek Discovery.

Here are the 5 newest tidbits about the show.

  • “There’s an incident, an event, in the history of Starfleet that has been talked about (in previous Star Trek shows), but never fully explored.”
  • Section 31 is not directly involved in that incident/event, “but that’s not to say that might not have some marble through the meat of our season.”
  • The Discovery ship design is still a work in progress, he said, but it will feature elements of illustrator Ralph McQuarrie’s Star Trek: Phase II designs, along with those of 1970s-era race cars, Lamborghinis and James Bond vehicles.
  • “She’s not a central part of the show,” Fuller said of Amanda Grayson, Spock’s human mother, “but we love that character.”
  • It’s conceivable that Discovery could feature bridge crew characters from TOS, but for the moment he’s “digging” what he’s go with the new characters and not thinking that far ahead.

I can’t wait for this to hit!

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