WWE Raw Spoilers & Summerslam 2016 Fallout [Video, Photo & More]: Finn Balor Provides Detailed Pre & Post Surgery Status & Update For Fans!

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WWE Raw Spoilers & Summerslam 2016 Fallout [Video, Photo & More] follow.

Finn Balor update

Over the weekend, on Friday, Finn Balor provided an update in his own words of his current status and return timeframe by video.

[FYI – The full sordid Finn Balor saga can be found here.]

It looks like his return is on the maximum part of the horizon, “at least” 6 months. Hopefully, just in time for Wrestlemania 33 on April 2, 2017 as 6 month puts return, assuming no complications, in February/March 2017.

Then on Sunday, he provided a several tweet update covering Summerslam, his win of the WWE Universal Championship belt, his relinquishment of that strap, his pre and post surgery update. It was a more difficult and complicated injury than first expected.

      What a rollercoaster week. I woke up the morning of Summerslam with nothing but positivity & feeling physically better than ever

      The moment I got injured I knew it was serious, it was an instinctive reaction to pull on my wrist, I entered survival mode

      When the bell rang, I had won, I was the Champion, but I was reluctant to celebrate as I already knew in my heart what awaited at Raw

      Disappointed yes, but I was CHAMPION and I was not missing an opportunity to fulfill my duty and appear on @GMA Monday morning

      After hours of scans & despite some hope, the worst was confirmed at 5pm Monday. I would need surgery ASAP & relinquish the title on Raw

      The most difficult part of relinquishing the title was when I came back through the curtain and I was over come by a feeling of inadequacy

      Despite every emotion I had felt the previous 24 hours… I was still the CHAMPION. That gave me strength. Now I was not….

      Tuesday at 3am I traveled to Birmingham Alabama. Dr.Dugas prepped me for surgery as a photo of Seth Rollins watched over us

      What was supposed to be a 1hr surgery turned into 4hr, as once I was opened up ,the Dr found a lot more to the injury the the scans showed

      180* labrum tear Thorn bicep and pectoral tendon Cartilage damage & Fracture to the glenoid neck socket (I have it in a jar on my dresser)

      Wednesday morning at 5am I awake after the surgery groggy and sore. The gravity of the situation began to set in. Rehab will start at 9am

      Thursday 5am fly back to Orlando, check-in with Performance Center medical staff & we begin planning The Comeback

      Finn Balor and mom surgery update

And, lastly two rehabilitation pics of Finn Balor.

Finn Balor update rehab 1

Finn Balor update rehab 2

Get well champ!

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