WWE Raw Spoilers: Two Superstars Tease Feud Post Fatal 4-Way For WWE Universal Championship Belt?

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Possible WWE Raw Spoilers follow.

WWE and its workers / superstars use social media in very creative ways and even to advance storylines.

Well, an interesting storyline has developed on twitter between two participants of the Fatal 4-way for the WWE Universal Championship belt: Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens.

This seems to be the anticipated / expected big feud after WWE Raw tonight. However, will either one have the belt? And if so, which one will leave with the WWE Universal Championship belt? Who chases who for the WWE Universal Championship strap after tonight?

They have had more friendly moments in the past though.


This would be a great feud.

Anyhow, the two other Fatal 4-way participants, Roman Reigns and Big Cass, have not tweeted at any of the other Fatal 4-Way competitors as of this typing. However they have referenced tonight’s bout.

Well, based on Big Cass’ message it looks like there will no cluster-f ending to the match and someone will walk away with the title.

Should be a fun night. We will have the crowning of the 2nd ever WWE Universal Champion on WWE Raw.

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