WWE Raw Spoilers? Who Will Win The Fatal 4-Way For The WWE Universal Championship Belt?

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Possible Raw Spoilers.

As a result of Finn Balor’s injury at Summerslam 2016, he was forced to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship and undergo successful surgery. Over the weekend, Finn Balor also provided a very detailed pre and post surgery update plus when he expects to be back in the WWE here.

These turn of events leaves the WWE Universal Championship belt without a holder. The 2nd WWE Universal Champion in history will be crowned today on the August 29, 2016 WWE Raw through a Fatal 4-Way presumably at the end of the 3-hour Raw.

WWE Fatal 4-Way for the WWE Universal Championship Belt

After winning their respective qualifying matches on last week’s WWE Raw, the Fatal 4-Way participants for the WWE Universal Championship strap are:

  • Seth Rollins
  • Roman Reigns
  • Kevin Owens
  • Big Cass

The point, I think, of putting the WWE Universal Championship on Finn Balor, and his Demon King persona, was to freshen up the top of the roster with a new main eventer who is a legitimately embraced baby face or hero. That should still be the objective for the Fatal 4-Way; well the elevation or creation of a new main eventer whether heel (villain) or baby face anyway.

Fatal 4-way for WWE Universal Championship Seth Rollins

Here are my thoughts on the 4 participants in the Fatal 4-way match to crown a new WWE Universal Champion on WWE Raw.

Seth Rollins should not win the Fatal 4-Way. While if he won it would reward a generally solid performer, but it would send the wrong message to the roster about either a seemingly careless wrestler or about another one of his seemingly dangerous moves that probably should be banned. In any event, he is an established bonafide main eventer.

Fatal 4-way for WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns should not win the Fatal 4-Way. He has pretty good feud going with a genuinely embraced as heel Rusev as United Status Champion. I would have Rusev interfere in the Fatal 4-Way costing Reigns and continuing their feud. If WWE is committed to keeping Reigns as a face or hero then he needs to be up against wrestlers who are legitimate heels. My suspicion is that despite fan reaction to Reigns, WWE will keep him face and he will eventually be the next John Cena; a hero loved and hated in equal measure by different cohorts of fans. Well, at least fans are “reacting” to Reigns which means something. Apathy would be a killer.

Fatal 4-way for WWE Universal Championship Big Cass

Big Cass should not win the Fatal 4-Way. He is part of an established and bonafide over tag team with Enzo Amore. I think this duo was set to feud with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens and in that vein, I imagine Jericho gets involved in the Fatal 4-way match costing Big Cass by allowing Kevin Owens to pin him.

Fatal 4-way for WWE Universal Championship Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens should win the Fatal 4-Way. Either he or Seth Rollins turns face and they should be battling over the WWE Universal; Championship belt for the next few months. WWE needs to create another main event star and Kevin Owens is that star.

However, I suspect WWE will put the strap on Seth Rollins this Monday, but we’ll soon find out! Perhaps a face Kevin Owens will chase Rollins for the title? I’d rather have KO leave tonight with the strap, but having him vie for it is also a good outcome of tonight.


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