WWE Raw Spoilers & Fallout: Finn Balor Comments On WWE Raw’s New WWE Universal Champion! What’s Next For New Champ?

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WWE Raw Spoilers and Fallout.

A lot of questions coming out of WWE Raw tonight. We crowned WWE’s second WWE Universal Champion in a spectacular and unexpected fashion.

Kevin Owens is your new WWE Universal Champion with an assist from Triple H.

Kevin Owens as WWE Universal Champion

The ending of the match fully inserts Triple H into the picture of WWE Raw’s main event.

The first ever WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor congratulated Kevin Owens almost immediately sharing a touching photo as well.


      Kevin Owens responded directly to Balor. More here.

Who will challenge Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship first? They both hinted at a program between them before the fatal 4-way elimination match afterall.

And, this was the outcome I predicted, not how we got there though, but a program between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins nonetheless. I had thought WWE needed KO to win, but that they’d put the belt on Rollins. I thought in that combo they’d turn KO face, but they actually turned Rollins face earlier than expected, but at the hand of who we all did expect… Triple H.

WWE Fatal 4-Way for the WWE Universal Championship Belt

Smart money was on Triple H and Seth Rollins going head to head at Wrestlemania 33 with Seth Rollins as face and Triple H as heel. Has that timetable been pushed up or will Rollins vie for the title for next few months being robbed by Triple H in a way that doesn’t make KO look too week? Or perhaps a PPV tag match with KO and Triple H vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns? I certainly hope not; keep Reigns away for now.

However, what happens to Roman Reigns? Does he go back to his program with Rusev for the U.S. Title? I would hope yes; keep him out of WWE Universal Championship picture for now. He needs to be pitted with legitimately disliked heels with heat and Rusev fits that bill.

Big Cass had an impressive outing in the Fatal 4-Way elimination match for the WWE Universal Championship belt. He’s still more valuable in a tag team with Enzo Amore; they are both really over, but WWE has confidence in the big man and it looks like he has a bright future. With KO as WWE Universal Champion, who will Chris Jericho partner with to take on Big Cass and Enzo Amore? Or has that program been jettisoned?

A lot of big questions heading into the first WWE Raw of September 2016 next week.

WWE Raw WWE Universal Championship Belt red 6

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