WWE Raw’s New WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens Comments On Win, Responds To Finn Balor & Mugs With Triple H! Seth Rollins Fumes!

Kevin Owens as WWE Universal Champion

Last night on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, Kevin Owens became the second ever WWE Universal Champion, with a huge assist from Triple H, after Finn Balor was forced to relinquish the title last week.

Kevin Owens as new & 2nd ever WWE Universal Champion on WWE Raw banner

Late last night, KO he had a simple message for fans: “I win.”

We also had a photo of the new champ and his accomplice Triple H released.

Kevin Owens as WWE Universal Champion & Triple H

Plus, WWE did a photo session with him last night with the title.

Last night, immediately after KO’s win, former WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor, who has a history with Kevin Owens at NXT where they fought over the NXT title, congratulated the new champ.

This morning, Kevin Owens responded to Balor.

Heel Kevin Owens vs. baby-face Finn Balor at Wrestlemania 33 sure has a nice ring to it; Balor should be back from his post-surgery injury rehab in 6 months which puts his return in / around February 2017 with 2017’s Wrestlemania on April 2, 2017. Any feud with Seth Rollins for Finn Balor and his Demon King alter ego will have to wait provided their both still faces heading into 2017 Wrestlemania 33.

Finn Balor Kevin Owens 4

First up for Owens though appears to be a newly face Seth Rollins.


Likely at WWE Raw’s first Raw branded PPV WWE Clash of Champions on September 25, 2017.

WWE Clash of Champions logo

Seth Rollins confronted Stephanie McMahon after the match and they had a heated exchange where she indicated she had no idea that Triple H was going to get involved.

And, WWE is asking you if believe Stephanie McMahon; you can event vote on it!

Fun times ahead.

WWE Raw WWE Universal Championship Belt red 6

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