TNA Impact Wrestling 9/1/16 Recap (Bennett vs. Lashley, Ultimate X)

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Reby plays the piano while Brother Nero enters the house, so she sings his “Obsolete” song. Matt tells Vanguard 1 and Senor Benjamin to guard King Maxel, Reby, and the compound. Reby says they’ll be fine – and brandishes a sword. Mike Bennett comes out to yammer on for a while. He hypes up Moose, resulting in a brief Moose chant. He blames Lashley for the problems between he and Moose, leading to Lashley coming out. Lashley calmly explains that he will destroy Bennett tonight. Lashley allows their match to be no DQ, and then Bennett says that Moose is bigger, badder, and better than Lashley. Moose comes out and timidly talks about how everyone is chanting Moose – and this actually works to get folks to chant for him. Moose says that tonight, he will decide who walks out as TNA World Champion.

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Broken Matt faces Crazzy Steve next, but first, we see Drew beating up Aron Rex from last week. Steve comes out, and then Matt is out with Nero. Matt cackles and Steve drools. Steve hits a dropkick to the knee and a shining wizard to the back of the head for 1. Matt sends him over the top to the floor with a backdrop and then Nero jumps Steve. Twist of Fate hits and Matt wins. Steve says that Maxel is theirs now – in fact, HE’S ROSEMARY’S BABY. Ultimate X competitors talk about how important the X Title is.

Matt summons Vanguard 1 to scan the grounds and it’s all good so far. Ultimate X time with the entire division of like six guys. This is an Ultimate X gauntlet – so it’s a Rumble, but with the final goal being an Ultimate X. Lee and DJZ do very little, and then Everett comes out and gives the heels an edge. Everett does a drop toehold into Lee’s knee, which looks sick and gets a “DJZ” chant. Mandrews comes out and runs wild. Mandrews counters something of Everett’s into a stunner.

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Super rana by Mandrews leads to an SSP. Spud comes out and goes up top because he sees everyone down. Sutter is there, so he tries to escape and that doesn’t quite work. Mandrews dives on the pile before Everett moonsaults on them. DJZ goes for a pop-up reverse rana on the floor, but Lee hits an atomic whip backbreaker onto the steps. Lee German’s Braxton, but gets SSPed by Mandrews. Everett spikes Mandrews with a frankensteiner! Sutter climbs, but eats a chair from Spud a billion times. Spud holds the chair up, but Mandrews dropkicks it out of his hands. Lee and Everett climb up and grab the belt – but neither lets go, so DJZ grabs it and wins. Wow, what a chickenshit way for a face to win this and Josh debuted “the physical title” to describe the belt. He does know that he doesn’t work for WWE, right?
EC3 tells Eli he’ll kick his ass before Eli talks smack behind his back. Drew comes out in all black and a hoodie answering “why Drew why”. He says you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone or it snaps. He wonders why he came in and stood up for everyone. He said that when he won the World Title, he celebrated with the fans and then the fans cheered EC3 instead of him when he cheated him out of the title three times. He talks about Aron Rex saying the same things he said, and the fans are clapping after a war – but they weren’t cheering him, they were cheering the referee.

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TNA President Billy Corgan comes down in a dark green suit, yellow and pink tie, and blue shirt. He wanted to suspend him without pay, but someone talked him out of it. Drew calls him Dixie’s bitch and he says it wasn’t Dixie, it was Aron Rex. Rex says that they want to do it his way and they brawl. They get separated and Matt talks to Reby about going to the safe room. Rosemary is in the house according to Vanguard One. Recap of the Rex-Drew brawl leads to EC3 vs. Eli Drake. Eli’s out, followed by EC3. Eli crossfaces EC3 to get a bit of an edge, and his offense generally looks nice and crisp. EC3 recovers, hits the Stinger splash and a flapjack. One Percenter hits and ends it.

JB holds balloons for Allie, who celebrates her win while JB is gobsmacked. Allie is just wonderful at having an annoying voice, but it’s no so annoying that it’s channel-changing. She just comes off as aloof and it totally works for her. Recap of the Hardy compound drama takes us to Reby in the safe room with a sword. Senor Benjamin takes Maxel, and she goes to to leave and brings her sword. DJZ talks about it taking him four years to get back to the X Title, but 2016 is his year.

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Allie comes out with balloons to go to the ring, where balloons and champagne await. Allie comes out and thanks Maria, her most favorite person in the universe – but Sienna comes down and is super-pissed. Maria calms her down and tells Allie that no one should celebrate her – they should celebrate Maria. She calls Allie worthless and blames her for messing up the division and even this celebration – she wanted green balloons! Maria says the celebration is for Allie’s opponent – Maria! She orders her to lay down, or be fired. Allie lays down and Maria is now the Knockouts Champion. Maria shuts JB up so Allie can announce Maria as the winner.

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Bennett tells Moose to not believe what he reads on social media and Moose has a pipe. Okay then. Back at the Hardy compound, Rosemary invades and meets with Reby in the movie poster room, but Rosemary climbs up the Batpole and tosses a doll out of the window for her to catch.  Benjamin has Maxel and she tells him to PREPARE THE BATTLEFIELD FOR MASSACRE! And then Maria comes out. Boy is this show a total mess with this Broken Hardy stuff. Bennett is out and then Lashley comes out. Lashley suplexes him, but Bennett dominates in the corner. A running boot gets 2 for Bennett. Moose stalks Lashley on the floor with the pipe, and Maria hits Lashley with the KO belt. Moose tosses him in for 2. Lashley goes for a torture rack, but Bennett elbows out. Lashley hits a spinebuster, but Maria distracts and a cutter gets 2. Bennett wants the pipe, but Moose doesn’t give it to him, and Lashley spears him for the win. Bennett is pissed and slaps Moose, who sends him down. Oh no – the partnership with zero chemistry and maybe two months of screentime is over. Well, at least Moose can be a face now since fans do want to cheer him finally.

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