WWE NXT 8/31/16 Recap (Nakamura Celebration)

Regal meets with Joe and a trainer, who says that Joe’s dislocated jaw and prior injuries make it impossible for him to clear him tonight. Tye Dillinger comes out to face Buddy Murphy, who retains the BAMF theme. Crowd chants “you’re a zero” to Murphy, who dominates a bit with a headlock, then snapmares him and does the “ten!” bit. Tye gets an inverted atomic, does a sloppy cartwheel, and the “ten” bit. Corey rightfully buries the cartwheel and says he would be disqualified in any gymnastics competition for a cartwheel worthy of a circus panda.

Murphy gets tossed over the top, lands on the apron and sends Tye down. Murphy forearms him for 1. Murphy sends him to the floor, chops him, and sends him in for a flying double knee strike for 2. More headlocks lead to Tye turning him inside out with a lariat and winning with the Tye Breaker. Takeover tag title match recap leads to Ciampa being interviewed about Johnny, and being interrupted by The Revival and brawling with them from the backstage area to the announce position. They send him into the ring for a double-team beatdown and Dawson talks about Ciampa being faced with reality and losing to the top guys. “Top guys out!” is a great little catchphrase for them, and they cap this off with a Shatter Machine. A simple and very effective segment.


Steve Cutler comes out to face Kevin Crawford, who Corey praises for dressing better than anyone but himself backstage. Crawford goes for a nip up in mid-air off a backdrop, but lands weirdly and takes him down with an armdrag. Cutler dominates with forearms and kicks in the corner before just shoving him down a few times. Crawford sends him down and gets 2 off a sloppy running SSP. Cutler hits a Ki Krusher for the win. This was a fun little match – kind of odd because neither guy has gotten a TV push, but they made each guy look good.


Itami tells Aries that if he doesn’t want to feel pain, he should get out of his ring or he’ll make him go to sleep. A Nakamura history video starts off with the Zayn match, and it looks like we’ll be getting a few of these tonight. Hype video for Sanity airs and then one for TM61. No Way Jose comes out to face Angelo Dawkins. Jose goes for his super-frantic stuff, but eats a slow snapmare and chinlock. Jose recovers with punches and shots to the gut before hitting the wacky full nelson slam for the win.

Aries, eating a banana and Cien argue backstage. Cien talks in Spanish, so Aries asks for a translation – hears things he doesn’t like because Cien wants a match, and says he can’t hear it because it’s in his bad ear. Nakamura-Balor recap. Liv Morgan comes out in new grey cut-out yoga pants for a match against Aliyah. Aliyah forearms her down for 2. Liv gets a headscissors and an Oklahoma roll for 2. Aliyah ties her up in the rope to forearm her face – nice spot there. Aliyah locks on a bizarre headscissor/armbar combo to kick away at Liv. Liv hits a pair of lariats and a bulldog before winning with a weird spin kick that misses by a mile. Well, Liv’s not very good – but she’s got star power and is very cute. Needs a new finish though.

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Joe vs. Nakamura video sets up Nakamura coming out for his celebration. Nakamura comes out wearing his gold and does a super-long version of his back-bridge pose lying on the mat to soak in the cheers. Nakamura says he has accomplished everything he could in Japan and wanted to face the best in the world. He beat Sami, beat Finn, and now beat Joe for the gold. He lets out a big YEAOH!


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