Hidden Gems and Eddie Guerrero Collections Added to WWE Network

Last week, longtime fans were abuzz with the news that WWE would be adding the legendary Last Battle of Atlanta to the WWE Network. This historic bout was one of Tommy Rich’s biggest matches, and easily the biggest of Buzz Sawyer’s career – and yet it remained something that not even die-hard tape traders have a complete copy of. Today, WWE released it in the Hidden Gems collection on the Network, alongside things like a Harley Race vs. Bob Backlund match, showcasing the then-NWA Champion against the then-WWWF Champion and the first-ever meeting of Kane and the Undertaker as the Dead Man traveled to SMW to face Unabomb.

The Gagne-Metrics video that was briefly shown in WWE’s AWA DVD is now here in full, while Vince McMahon’s interview with Muhammad Ali, Bret Hart vs. Terry Funk from Wrestlefest, and Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham are also highlighted. The latter waw shown in full on the Ric Flair Ultimate Collection DVD, while the former has only been commercially seen via unofficial sites and was shown in highlight form in Beyond the Mat.

While the Viva LA Raza title of the Eddie Guerrero collection implies it’s just a Network release of his final DVD, there’s a lot of content here that wasn’t on there for whatever reason. The biggest inclusion here for historical purposes is Eddie Guerrero vs. Terry Funk – a match that Terry wanted to have to give him a chance on a big stage and hopefully get him a job in WCW. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out and Eddie didn’t go there full-time until 1995. Other than that, his ECW, WCW, and WWE runs get a few matches apiece to really showcase his career and while it’s not really a definitive collection, it is a fine little primer if you’ve never seen Eddie’s pre-WWE work.

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