The Lucha Underground Season 3 Ultimate Preview Guide!


Hey Believers! Starting tonight, our Wednesdays will finally return to chaotic normalcy – the season premiere of Lucha Underground finally starts at 8 pm on El Rey Network! One match has already been announced for tonight: a dream match between Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Pentagon Dark!

Talk about a way to kick off the new season of the pro wrestling revolution!

Want to freshen up on the past violence? Announcer Matt Striker’s got you.

And because I’m obsessive, here’s the full archive link to the Lucha Underground live coverages, recaps, and news over the course of Season 2! You’ll find some Season 1 stuff, too! Browse to your black heart’s content. You can thank me later.

The action hasn’t even started yet and some of the luchadores and luchadoras have already reflected on what’s to come. Check out Slamtown Mayor Johnny Mundo, The Baddest Bitch in the Building Ivelisse, and El Rey himself Rey Mysterio below!

Huh? All of that content wasn’t enough for you? Jeez. Here’s El Rey Network’s YouTube with full access to several hours of LU content, including Season 2 featurettes and Fights of the Week!

Wait, what? Some of you still don’t have El Rey? Well, what are you waiting for?! Here’s a list of all of the providers for the kickass channel, including the new additions of go90 and Fios!

You can also watch and download full episodes of LU from iTunes the day after they air on El Rey! Both Seasons 1 and 2 are available in their entirety for purchase! A page for Season 3 has already been set up. Get that wallet ready…

Check back here at 7 ET for the full preview of tonight’s season premiere, plus the full live coverage tonight at 8 ET! See you then!

Photo credit: Lucha Underground social media

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