10 thoughts on CWC – TJ Perkins, Zack Sabre Jr, Rich Swann, Noam Dar

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1. The quarter finals of the Cruiserweight Classic conclude tonight as Rich Swann takes on TJ Perkins and Zack Sabre Jr faces Noam Dar!

2. As usual we kick off with a sweet video package and Daniel and Mauro talking up the matches of the night, followed by interviews with Sabre and Dar, including a classic quote where Sabre describes his ‘slim and svelte shoulders’.

3. Zack Sabre Jr is out first, and while I’m expecting a good match I’d be genuinely surprised if he doesn’t progress to the semi-finals. Dar is apparently known as the Scottish Supernova, which hopefully doesn’t mean he’s already burning himself out.

4. The crowd is restless as Sabre and Dar start to wage a technical battle, with Dar taking control early by working Sabre’s leg. Naturally this doesn’t last too long as Sabre starts to work Dar’a arm, then the pair exchange strikes and submission attempts.

5. Hard fought match with Sabre selling hard to make Dar look good while the young Scotsman worked his ass off to keep up with his far more experienced opponent. The crowd finally get into the action with a ‘this is awesome’ chant as Noam Dar comes within a whisker of picking up a submission victory.

6. Zack Sabre Jr finally picks up the win with a modified double armbar submission, and both men are barely able to stand as the red holds up Sabre’s arm for the victory. After the match Dar embraces Sabre, which isn’t something you see after a Brock Lesnar match.

7. Our main event tonight is the charismatic and athletic Rich Swann taking on the Philippine technical superstar TJ Perkins. Perkins likes to dab, and I only know what that is because I have a 10 year old son.

8. Slow start for two fast paced dudes, and surely they’re not already starting to work the WWE style?! Fortunately the pace quickly picks up as Perkins displays some amazing athletic ability and dabs for the crowd. Swann responds in kind and the crowd are on their feet.

9. Swann tweaks his knee and Perkins takes control, wearing Rich down with leg submissions and strikes. Swann fights through the pain and hits some sweet power moves, showing the WWE bras he’s more than just a flippy guy. Perkins eventually gets the win with the knee bar submission, then immediately embraces his opponent to console him. Yeah, that’s not going to fly on Monday nights, son…

10. Another excellent episode of CWC. While it is awesome that a lot of these Cruiserweights are getting a job on Raw, I can’t help thinking they’ll be treated as a side show to 170 minutes of HHH and Braun Strowman. I’d much rather see Swann, Perkins or Sabre get a start on NXT and a chance to build up to be a genuine contender to AJ Styles or Dean Ambrose.

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