PREVIEWS Roundtable – November 2016 – Featuring Mother Panic, Occupy Avengers, A.D. After Death, Chew #60 & Much More!

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Phil Allen


Overall, I’m enjoying Rebirth and how most series are going. Any series I haven’t liked were ones I didn’t enjoy in the New 52 and just didn’t get better after the change so no big loss there. I’m looking forward to Mother Panic, it sounds like an interesting idea and I’m always in for a Gotham story. I wasn’t sold on the idea of Super-Lex before, but the way Action Comics has been going really turned me around. I thought the first story in All-Star Batman #1 was good, but didn’t enjoy the second; we’ll see where things go from there. The new Batgirl series is good, as is Detective Comics. Batman hasn’t really hooked me in yet, but I’ll keep reading it. Catwoman: Election Night and New Talent Showcase sound interesting, and Super Powers just sounds fun.  


A.D. After Death has had my attention since announced, mostly for the creative team of Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire. Frontier sounds interesting too, given that Jonathan Hickman will be writing AND drawing! He’s drawn before but it seems like mostly variant covers. I’ve been reading a few Alex De Campi books recently so Mayday will be on my list, and the CBLDF Annuals are always great! I wish Wic-Div could return NOW but I guess I can wait, Saga and The Fuse will have to tide me over. I’m a big Jim Zub fan lately, so I’m getting in on Glitterbomb.

Dark Horse:

I forgot there was a new arc of Avatar: The Last Airbender coming out, so I’ll be getting North & South Part Two. I’m thinking about getting Matt Kindt’s new book Ether, but I’m gonna wait to see how I like the continuation of Dept. H. I’m glad to see another Hellboy and The B.P.R.D. – 1950s series, especially since it’s being written by Mike Mignola! Retirement, huh?


As the first Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series was finishing, I had assumed there would be a continuation in some form; how could they not carry on this cash cow? I didn’t expect this new series though, an amalgamation of the current Nickelodeon TMNT show and the classic 90’s Batman animated series. Yeah, I’m in.

James Fulton

Dark Horse:

Ether – A new creator-owned book by Matt Kindt? I’m always down, even when he isn’t drawing them. (By the way, I hope everyone is reading his Dept. H, because it’s fantastic).


Mother Panic – I’m curious about this new Young Animal title (well, I’m curious about all of them, really), but having just read the first issue of writer Jody Houser’s Faith ongoing, I’m not sure about it. Still, Tommy Lee Edwards has never led me wrong…


A.D: After Death – I find Scott Snyder’s writing to be pretty inconsistent at times, but this new prestige format (!) mini with art by Jeff Lemire looks very good. I remember that the first issue of Image+ had a lengthy preview, and I liked that.

Frontier – I love Jonathan Hickman’s art, so even though I know it will be brutal, schedule-wise, I’m looking forward to this title that Hickman is both writing and drawing.

Mayday – Alex DeCampi is another writer who, when working on something creator-owned, is a buy on sight for me. She’s pretty brilliant.

Chew #60 – I’m really going to miss Chew, which ends with this issue. Some scenes from this comic have been previewed for years now, so we know that at least one character will not be getting a happy ending (take that how you wish, actually).

Southern Bastards #15 – I am very happy to see this coming back from hiatus, because this comic is amazing!

Arclight #3 – I thought that the various stories that made up the 8House series were just dead, so I’m very happy to see this book return, featuring art from the amazing Marian Churchland.


IVX – I don’t care about this event one way or the other, since I’m not reading any Inhumans or X-Men titles, at least none of the main ones. I hope this doesn’t tie in to Ms. Marvel or Old Man Logan, but I’m sure it will…

Avengers #1 – I didn’t much like ANAD Avengers, which was also written by Mark Waid, so I don’t think that the addition of Mike Del Mundo and Hercules is going to be enough to get me to read this (although I do love Del Mundo’s art, and think he’s a bold choice for a tentpole series).

Invincible Iron Man – I think I’m going to take a wait and see approach to this, because I’ve gotten bored of what Bendis is doing with Tony Stark.

Unworthy Thor – This sounds interesting, but I’ve gotten very bored of Jason Aaron’s Thor.

Thanos – I like Jeff Lemire, am indifferent to Mike Deodato, and kind of hate Thanos. I think I’ll pass.

Black Panther: World of Wakanda – I like the idea that Marvel is bringing in established outside writers to play with the characters that Ta-Nehisi Coates has developed in the main Black Panther title. I like seeing this infusion of new blood into the industry, especially when it comes from people who have a worldview that is not represented in many mainstream comics. This I’m getting for sure.

Occupy Avengers – Likewise, I’m very excited about this title (even though I don’t have hopes for it lasting very long). David Walker is putting Hawkeye on the road, with rotating guest stars, and dealing with people with regular problems. I’m personally hoping this is political as hell.

Ultimates #2 – I hate that this book is getting relaunched, and that it’s losing Kenneth Rocafort as artist, but at least Al Ewing is keeping the cast and central concept together. This is a meaningless relaunch that is not an excuse to drop the book (like the Iron Man ones are for me).

Civil War II #8 – Oh, is that still happening? I think this has fallen into the same category as Fear Itself and Siege – completely forgettable Marvel events. It’s going to be its own category on Jeopardy one day, so you better read it!


Namesake – This book, written by Steve Orlando, sounds pretty interesting. I like his work, but I don’t know the artist at all, and there’s not enough of a preview to convince me in time to preorder. I’ll look at it on the stands.


Motro – I’ve liked some of the other work I’ve read by Ulises Fariñas, so this looks like it could be good. I’ll take a look at it when it comes out too.


Harbinger Renegades – If I knew this was being written by Joshua Dysart, I’d be all over it, but I haven’t made up my mind about Rafer Roberts. I picked up the first A&A trade this week, so I’ll make sure to read it before this comes out, and decide if I want to support this book then.

Savage – This book, which looks like a remake of Turok, I will support on the strength of writer B. Clay Moore.

John Babos


Of DC’s Young Animal imprint I’m for sure picking up DP #3 and the debut of issue of Mother Panic (as I’m sampling all the #1’s). I’ll be picking up Shade #2 if I like the debut issue from October.

Doom Patrol #3
Mother Panic #1
Shade the Changing Girl #2

Most of these twice shipping books are on my regular reads, but Batman, Flash and Nightwing are reads arc specific.

Action Comics #967-968 – Intrigued by the pre-Flashpoint Super-family here. This books folks on family and Lois Lane is back at the Daily Planet after the passing of the New 52 Lois Lane in Superwoman #1.
Batman #10-11 – Curious about the “I am Suicide” arc where Batman pulls his own Suicide Squad together to take on Bane on his island fortress.
Deathstroke #6-7 – Slade Wilson’s Terminator! What’s not to like?
Detective Comics #944-945 – Batman’s Outsiders done right! Love Clayface on the team and curious about Tim Drake’s fate.
The Flash #10-11 – Opal City’s The Shade! Is Starman close behind?
Green Arrow #10-11 – SJW Ollie Queen, Shado & more. Lots of fun. Will Wild Dog(s) play a role?
Green Lanterns #10-11 – The Phantom Ring? Hmmm.
Nightwing #9-10 – I’m reading this for the Raptor / Court of Owls subplot.
Suicide Squad #6-7 – Task Force X goodness. Nuff said.
Superman #10-11 – This book feels like the prelude to Super Sons that will feature Jon Kent’s Superboy and Damian Wayne’s Robin teaming up monthly. This book chronicles the journey Jon Kent takes to become Superboy.

These are the mixed bag of monthly and one-shot DC reads for me.

Batman Annual #1 – Reading the twice monthly, so will pick up the Annual.
Batman Beyond #2 – If the return of Terry McGinnis is as good as the New 52 / DC You BB was with an older Tim Drake, I’ll be here for issue #2. Curious what if any role Tim Drake will have in this book.
Blue Beetle #3 – The Rebirth one-shot looked like fun, so this is a firm maybe debuting on how I like the debut issue.
Earth 2: Society #18 – Only JSA book on stands so I’m reading it.
Hawkman & Adam Strange: Out of Time #2 – DC sci-fi goodness.
New Super-Man #5 – If this book remains intriguing and fun, I’ll be here for issue #5.
New Talent Showcase #1 – Not sure about this one, but will leaf through it to make the call about a buy.
Red Hood and the Outlaws #4 – This should be so good with the dark trinity as leads.
Superman Annual #1 – Reading the twice monthly, so will pick up the Annual.
Superwoman #4 – Not sure how I feel about electric Superwoman, but we’ll see how the first few issues are before I decide if I’m back in November.
Teen Titans #2 – Should be a fun read.
Titans #5 – Loving this book’s writing, art and team line-up.
Trinity #3 – I was getting this because I didn’t expect to get any of the Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman twice weekly books past first arc. However, I’m reading both sets of Worlds Finest titles and no WW, so not sure if I’ll pick this one up. I’m leaning to yes, but we’ll see.
Vigilante: Southland #2 – Curious about new Vigilante.


These are my regular Valiant reads. Looks Bloodshot Reborn is on hiatus for the USA mini-series and I continue to be sad about no Timewalker ongoing series. Still some solid reads in November.

A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #9
Bloodshot USA #2 (2 of 4 issue mini)
Ninjak #21
Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #13


Marvel’s $3.99 price point keeps me from reading more of their books, but I am eager for these 3 titles.

Prowler #2
Squadron Supreme #13
Thunderbolts #7


Two solid reads in November and Wonder Woman ’77 meets Bionic Woman coming in December! Awesome!

Rough Riders #7 (last issue of mini)
Six Million Dollar Man: The Fall of Man #5 (last issue of mini)


Matt Graham

DC –

Mother Panic is the newest addition to Young Animal, and I’m all over that imprint. Gerard Way is a creative powerhouse and while I was thrown when I heard he was in charge of this new imprint, I like everything I’ve heard about the titles so far.

For the rest of Rebirth, at this point I’m settled in with Supergirl, Detective Comics, Deathstroke, and Harley Quinn. Perhaps Tom King’s Batman will spread its wings and capture the Sheriff of Babylon or Vision magic that its lacked so far.

Marvel –

Before Civil War kicked off I anticipated rerouting a lot of my Marvel funds and time into Aftershock and Image.

Captain Marvel – Oh. There isn’t one this month.

IVX – I don’t care. I’ll skip this aside from the X-Titles I do read. Worked for Civil War.

Occupy Avengers – The trend is a little late, but I like the road trip concept. David Walker does excellent work and hopefully the Avengers banner and Hawkeye cred give this book longer legs than Nighthawk.

Black Panther: World of Wakanda – I enjoy the new BP title and am pleasantly surprised to see it getting a supplemental book to expand on the dense narrative and characterizations. A nice injection of non-mainstream comics talent into the Marvel lifestream is just what the company needs.

Gwenpool #8 – This book makes me laugh, but unlike others that do, it’s designed to.

Spider-Woman #13 – For my money, this is the one of the best titles Marvel has going.

Scarlet Witch #12 – Another Marvel title with wonderful art and an offbeat story. A little slow and the first Robinson book I’ve enjoyed longterm since Starman, but I’m glad this book had 12 issues. I’m hoping for a #13. I’ll even take that re-#1.

Patsy Walker, A.K.A,. Hellcat! #12 – Another #12 I’m happy to see. Happier to see a #13 or #1 in December, Marvel.

All-New Wolverine #14 – Editor Mark Paniccia confirmed another year of Laura in the annual. Excellent. We already knew this thanks to Marvel’s spoileriffic advanced teasing style. Enemy of the State was an awesome Wolverine arc, and unlike Civil War or Clones, EotSII is a sequel I’ll take without snark. This will be the second part, so I hope it kicked off with a bang.


Violent Love #1 – Daisy and Rock are violent bank robbers who fall in love. I’m down for a Natural Born Killers pulp criminal romance book.

Snotgirl #5 – The first arc of O’Malley’s new ongoing concludes. The first two issues have hooked me, so I know I’m in this far.

Surgeon X #3 – This book about black market underground medical practices looks to be interesting.

Dark Horse –

Lady Killer 2 #4 (of 5) – I love Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich’s violent black comedy about a 1960s homemaker who balances motherhood and marriage against working as a killer for hire.

Dept. H #8 – Matt Kindt’s science-mystery ongoing reminds me of the Crichton novels I devoured as a kid.

Ether #1 (of 5) – Matt Kindt spins a miniseries about a scienctific adventurer caught up in a magical fantasy realm. Kindt’s name and the concept are an easy sell. David Rubin on art is icing.

Boom – I buy Power Rangers comics in all forms.

Aftershock –

Marguerite Bennett has earned a reader for life, so Animosity #4 and Insexts #9 are a given. Somehow Bennett has access to my head and custom tailors her Aftershock books just for my tastes.

Shipwreck #2 – Warren Ellis and Phil Hester bring us a six missue mini about the sole survivor of a shipwreck who finds himself pursuing a saboteur down an endless road. I expect Ellis to be on point with his sci-fi mind warping. It’ll look great, too.

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