Marvel Comics Uncanny X-Men #12 Spoilers: Who Are The New Hellfire Club Heading Into Marvel Now 2016 & The Build To Inhumans / X-Men: Ressurxion?


Spoilers for Marvel Comics Uncanny X-Men #12 & Marvel Now 2016’s Hellfire Club follow!


Uncanny X-Men #12 reveals on its cover that the new Hellfire Club White King is Uncanny X-Men’s Magneto.


The book opens with a summary of where we’ve been up to issue Uncanny X-Men #12.


Then we have a few pages of the Hellfire Club in modern times…


…where the current members of the Club are revealed…



  • Magneto (White King)
  • Sebastian Shaw (Black King)
  • Monet (White Queen)
  • Vacant, but Magneto wants Psylocke to assume this role (Black Queen)
  • Black Tom Cassidy (White Bishop)
  • Briar Raleigh (Black Bishop)

Then Uncanny X-Men #12 ends with a scene with Magneto and Hellfire Club from the past where it appears….


…that Magneto may be either instrumental or at least supportive of the efforts of the Hellfire Club to…


…experiment on mutants even if they die!


We end with an obligatory tease of other x-books including Uncanny X-Men #13.


Who are the Hellfire Club? Here is their who’s who bio from the Marvel Universe Handbook over two pages.



The team debuted in Uncanny X-Men #129, but check out the iconic Hellfire Club cover from Uncanny X-Men #132!


I am intrigued by this new Marvel Now 2016 iteration of the Hellfire Club and curious how this all plays into Death of X, Inhumans vs. X-Men and Ressurxion!

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