WWE Backlash 2016 – Ongoing PPV Live Coverage Featuring Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Becky Lynch, The Miz, Rhyno & Many More!


What’s up, Believers?! Oh wait, this isn’t Lucha Underground… It’s WWE Backlash! For the first time ever, I’ll be bringing you live updates and play-by-plays of a WWE pay-per-view!

The after effects of the Draft are still in full swing with so much at stake! AJ Styles did what he promised he would do – beat up John Cena – and now he wants his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Can Dean Ambrose retain against The Phenomenal One?

The semi-finals and finals to crown the first-ever SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships also come to close tonight! Jimmy and Jey Uso will go head-to-head against Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder, the Hype Bros! The winners will then go on to face WWE vet Rhyno and the best free agent in the business, Heath Slater!

In the midst of the women’s revolution in professional wrestling taking place across the globe, the SmackDown Live Women’s Divisions heats up for the Six-pack Challenge for the all new SmackDown Live Women’s Championship! You cannot miss the glowing Naomi, F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s Carmella, the fiery and blissed-off Alexa Bliss, wrestling veteran Natalya, game-changer and horsewoman Becky Lynch, and the former and longest reigning Diva’s Champion Nikki Bella!

And after dropping one of the most shocking pipe bombs ever on Talking Smack, The Miz will defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler!

As if there wasn’t enough to mark out about – Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt will take their feud to the next level in a singles match LIVE tonight!

Check out some of the hype from this week on Inside Pulse!

Also, multiple sources are reporting that Randy Orton is not medically cleared to participate in his matchup tonight with Bray Wyatt. However, I’ll certainly be here to keep you all updated on tonight’s Backlash card!

Check back here tonight at 8 pm EST for the full live coverage! In the meantime, a la traditional Kate live coverage, here’s tonight’s Twitter buzz for #Backlash2016!

Seeya at 8!

A little over a half hour until Backlash! I’ll meet you back here with the results from the kickoff match!

SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan has also added Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews to the Backlash card! More updates as the buildup to the PPV progresses!

Backlash 2016 Kickoff Match: Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews!
Stay tuned for the results!

Results: Baron Corbin def. Apollo Crews via pinfall!

It’s almost time! Get your snacks ready.

Also, Alexa Bliss as her own version of Harley Quinn. All of the yes.

Sneak peek of the Pre-Show’s picks for tonight!

Aaaaand WE’RE OFF!

WWE pays their respects to those we lost on 9/11/2001.

SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon gives us a rundown of what’s happened so far since the Draft. “Backlash has all the action!” We also get a video package of all of the SmackDown Superstars featured tonight! And a video package of AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose.

And now, the official start of WWE Blacklash! Fireworks galore, per usual.

We have MR on commentary!

HERE COMES THE MONEY! Shane McMahon comes out!

Looks like we’re getting a promo to kick off the night!

Here comes SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan!

MR introduces our international commentators, as well!

Shane has the mic! “Welcome everybody!”

He thanks the fans for SmackDown Live’s success thus far. The ratings of SmackDown have soared since the brand split. He considers himself as an “underdog” and they’re giving Raw’s team more than what they can handle. Daniel Bryan also boasts how this brand possesses the IC and Heavyweight titles, plus the additional Tag Team and Women’s titles.


Six-pack Challenge for the First Ever SmackDown Live Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch vs. Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella vs. Nikki Bella!
Becky, Natalya, Naomi, Harley Quinn as Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Nikki Bella enter – in that order!

We get a brief recap of Carmella and Nikki Bella’s feud before Nikki’s entrance! Perhaps the emphasis on Nikki spells out champion for her? Naomi’s entrance:

Big pop for Nikki.

The ref holds up the Championship belt!

Here we go! Naomi vs. Natalya, Bliss beats up Nikki! Becky has Alexa now! Nikki is out of the ring! Naomi takes care of business! Springboard sidekick by Becky, and sends Carmella OUT! Naomi runs the ropes! Arm drag by Becky! Becky’s got a hold on Naomi! She focuses on the left arm of Naomi! They’re the only ones in the ring right now! Naomi kicks Becky! She’s got it – no, she’s thrown out of the ring! And the Horsewoman stands alone – no, here comes Carmella! Becky’s sitting atop the turnbuckles and Carmella takes attempts at her.

Carmella has Becky, cover! Kick out by Becky Lynch.

Nikki and Carmella face off briefly before Bliss and Natalya interrupt! Natalya SLAMS Carmella into the barricade! Impressive athelticism by Alexa Bliss! She needs to keep the Harley gimmick. Nikki covers Bliss! Kick out by Alexa. Alexa is up, she’s cornered – not for long, cover roll up – kick out by Nikki. Natalya comes in with the opportunity!

She hooks the leg – kick out by Alexa! BECKY’S BACK! The steampunk warrior screams her battle cry! She faces off with Natalya now! Naomi comes in to take over Natalya! Bridge by Naomi and ALEXA BLISS INTERRUPTS! Carmella superkicks Naomi! Yours truly can’t keep up!

NIKKI BELLA IS BACK! Carmella and Nikki battle to the death! Carmella’s got the submission – but Nikki is too strong! Alabama slam – 1, 2, … ALMOST THREE!

Carmella kicks out! Nikki Bella has anger in her eyes as she puts Carmella on the turnbuckles. They exchange strikes. Natalya is here! Powerbomb superplex BY NATALYA sends the two away!

Alexa Bliss covers! Natalya kicks out! Alexa moves onto Nikki – kick out! She moves onto Carmella! Kick out again! “You’re kidding me!” Becky Lynch comes in to take over! Rollover cover by Alexa! Kick out by Becky. Carmella is back now, and she gets rid of Alexa. Nikki Bella dumps Carmella out! Four of them are outside of the ring! She goes for the leap – but Carmella flattens her in the center of the ring! Naomi takes out Carmella! SHE’S GONNA JUMP! SHE JUMPS ON THEM ALL!

The spotlight is literally on Naomi! Rapid lariat by Bliss on Naomi. She focuses on Natalya. She strikes her head. The fans keep count! Naomi wants to take over! Alexa is in the electric chair! Powerbomb by Natalya! Naomi covers Bliss – she kicks out at almost 3! The ref rolls Alexa out of the ring!

Alexa Bliss has been eliminated!

Natalya makes Naomi run the ropes but she hangs on! She’s secured on the ropes and goes for the head scissors, but Natalya slips out. Roundhouse kick to Nikki by Naomi! Naomi is down! Nikki covers – Natalya interrupts! Natalya goes for the sharpshooter on Naomi! Naomi taps out!

Naomi has been eliminated!

Carmella and Becky Lynch are out of the ring. Carmella is back in the ring. Her and Natalya approach Nikki, but she doesn’t let ’em have it. Nikki looks like she’s about to go for the Rack Attack! But she doesn’t. She covers…

Natalya has been eliminated! 

But no! Nikki’s been eliminated by Carmella! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki Bella has been eliminated!

Carmella and Becky Lynch remain! Carmella is hit by Becky and she screams!

She slaps Becky! Becky is in the zone! Here she comes! It’s what she’s been waiting for her whole life!

Disarmer by Becky! Carmella’s locked in!

Winner and your new Women’s Champion of SmackDown Live: BECKY LYNCH!!!!

Becky Balboa baby! She delivers a heartfelt speech on the mic.

We get a backstage segment with The Miz and Jagger Eaton!

His people will call Miz’s people – unless they get John Cena instead for a Kid’s Choice Award’s show.

Now we cut to Bray Wyatt beating up Randy Orton!! A ref tries to break it up.

Tag Team Semi-Finals: The Usos vs. The Hype Bros!

The Hype Bros come out after the Usos!

The Usos have new gear on! Heel turn imminent?

The bell rings! Mojo threatens Jimmy. Grid iron gladiator. Jimmy hangs out in the corner.

Body drop by Mojo on Jimmy! Jimmy leaves the ring to be by his brother. What? He’s back – Mojo tags in Zack!  Jey is tagged in and slaps Ryder. They run the ropes. Ryder works on Jey. Facebuster by Ryder. He smashes the forearms of Jey. Woo, woo, woo! Hype.

Both Usos are out of the ring! Zack brings in one, but dodges an attack. Missile dropkick by Ryder from the apron. Mojo explodes on the Usos! He smashes them into the barricade.

Everyone’s back in the ring. Ryder gets thrown into the turnbuckle and slides out of the ring. Ryder is clotheslined by Jey outside of the ring. He puts Ryder back in the ring.

Backbreaker by Jey on Ryder. Jimmy delivers another strike.

Ryder kicks out of a cover. Ryder blocks a kick, but takes a spinning roundhouse by Jimmy. Ryder’s in the corner. Jey botches a move. Jey works on Ryder. Both Usos are wearing down Ryder for the advantage. Mojo wants the tag and runs up and down the apron.

Jimmy Uso lands and in turn, sends Rawley off the apron. Their assault on Ryder continues.

Ryder has a chance! Mojo leans for the tag. The tag is made! Game has changed. He clotheslines Jey! He runs into Jey into the turnbuckles. He grabs him! Military press slam by Rawley! Picture perfect. Ryder sends Jey flying! Jimmy interrupts a cover. Jimmy is out.

Double knees by Ryder. Dropkick. Jimmy has Ryder the same way he did the Alphas.

Winners by submission: The Usos! 

Let’s see how the finals go!

MR gives it to Renee Young! She interviews Heath Slater and Rhyno! Slater feels like a hundred thousand dollars. He brags up Rhyno! He leaves for a second, then shakes Young’s hand. He spills the beans to Rhyno – his stomach feels weird. Something about crab dip, but also his nerves. Never mind, he’s been swerved… He holds his butt and says he has to go. LMAO!

Here’s Lita backstage with the new SmackDown Women’s Champ!

We cut to commercial! Check out that sweet CWC package.

Miz has a promo with Daniel Bryan before his entrance! He’s been overlooked and underappreciated for far too long…

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz (c) with Maryse

Who walks as IC Champ? Let’s find out!

The ref holds up the title!

They create space. Miz runs in. Dolph wastes no time! Miz can’t stand up! Dolph’s hanging on to him! Miz leaves the ring and paces around it. He’s back in the ring. Dolph’s still not letting go! Is this MMA?

Dolph unleashes the dropkicks! Miz dodges another move. He delivers headshots to Dolph in between the ropes. He lets go after the ref’s count. Dolph runs right into the bottom rope. He puts some serious torque on Dolph’s spine! Ouch. He hangs on to Dolph’s jaw! Smart move to weaken the Show Off.

Rollup by Ziggler, cover, kick out by Miz. Dolph lands outside of the ring after a move by the Miz. The ref begins a count-out! He makes it back during around 7 or so. Miz grabs Dolph and throws him into the edge of the barricade. Dolph’s at less than 100%.

Miz continues to wear down Dolph. Dolph has control now! He runs him into the turnbuckles. But Miz goes for the cover now that he’s down. Kick out. Miz stands on top of Dolph! Surfboard! He continues to wear down his back.

Dropkick by Miz while Dolph is in the corner. Series of dropkicks, to be precise!

He mocks the GM!

Feud between the GM and the Miz?! I’d like that.

Miz perches on a turnbuckle now. He lands and Dolph is down from a strike to the faceeee. Dolph comes back with dropkicks! Miz is down for sure. Miz attempts a clothesline but Dolph comes at him with a series of them! He’s got control on his opponent! Is he going to become the next champ?!

Electric chair with Dolph in the position! But Ziggler does a rollup! Miz escapes. He runs into a turnbuckle. Powerbomb by Miz, cover, kick out by Dolph. Miz softens up the left leg of Dolph. Dolph comes back! Cover by Dolph, Miz kicks out.

Dolph goes for a sleeper hold right as Miz attempts a move by the apron!! What is happening!

Miz drops to one knee!

His hand approches the mat!

He stands! He runs into a turnbuckle and Dolph falls off! His wife coaches him ringside, while Dolph struggles to his feet.

Dolph does a DDT! COVER! Kick out by Miz!

Dolph struggles, and so does Miz. Dolph slaps his left knee out of frustration – injury? Miz DDTs! Leg lock by Miz!!!

He clutches one of Dolph’s feet! Dolph tries to get the rope. He gets it!

Miz runs the ropes and does a running kick to Ziggler! He goes for the leg lock again by Dolph superkicks! Cover – Miz’s foot is on the rope!

Miz crawls outside of the ring… Dolph drags him! The ref does a count-out! Dolph picks him up! He puts him back in the ring! Dolphs sells his injury all the meanwhile! Cover by Ziggler – Miz rolls out! MARYSE interferes! Cover by Miz!

Winner and still your IC Champion: The Miz!

Renee Young introduces the Pre-Show panel briefly, with Lita, Jerry Lawler and Booker T.

Up next is the…

Singles Match: Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton!

Unfortunately, due to injury… Randy Orton is unable to compete! An announcer describes the situation. Bray Wyatt wants this match to be his via forfeit! The ref begins a count-out…




The bell rings.

Winner: Bray Wyatt via forfeit!

Match of the night!

Wait, however, the announcer continues… He will compete in a…

No Holds Barred Match: Bray Wyatt vs. Kane!

The bell rings! Bray delivers strikes to Kane and Kane is cornered! Kane throws him into the turnbuckles! He strikes Wyatt to no end! He throws him down. Kane slips out of the ring and chases after Bray.

He takes him out! Wyatt is down in front of the announce tables! He strikes him again. He throws him over a barricade! He tears apart an announce table! Bray Wyatt has a belt! He puts it down to take over Kane.

They’re back in the ring. Bray launches himself at Kane! He kicks Kane in the head. He has the upper hand. He slaps Kane. Bray’s out of the ring! He attacks his knee from outside of the ring and Kane sells the injury. Bray has a chair! He uses it diligently. “I am the God!” he declares.

Kane struggles to his feet. He’s up. Bray hits him again. Headshot to Kane with the chair! He covers Kane, Kane kicks out.

Back elbows by Kane! DDT by Kane! There are no count-outs, so each rises to their feet. Kane does a sidewalk slam.

Bray Wyatt starts to fight back! Kane slips Bray out of the ring. The crowd goes wild when Kane approaches a table with Bray. Kane is down!

Bray takes apart the main broadcast table! He clears some room, perhaps. He strikes Kane. Kane’s on a table! Repeated strikes to the side of the head. Bray climbs a chair and leaps onto Kane! The table is in pieces! “Holy shit!” chants from the audience!

Bray rolls Kane and himself back in the ring. Bray is getting ready for the finisher! Kane struggles to his feet in the meantime. He’s up. Sister Abagail? No! Kane does the chokeslam! Cover! Kick out at 2 by Bray!

Kane wants to give Wyatt a dose of chair medicine. But Wyatt slams Kane into the chair! Cover, kick out at 2 by Kane.

Randy Orton comes out! He’s limps to the ring. Bray watches. The crowd gets fiery. RKO by Orton!

No holds barred, so he’s got no consequences! Kane chokeslams Bray! Cover!

Winner: Kane!

We cut to backstage. AJ chats up some wrestlers.

We cut to commercial.

We’re back! Time for…

SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno!

Yours truly hasn’t been off once tonight! Will I get another prediction correct?

Here we go!

Damn, Heath’s been hitting the gym! It’s him and Jimmy now! Cheering for Heath and Rhyno from the audience!

Heath catches Jimmy’s kick and strikes. Clothesline! Jimmy is in the corner. Jey is tagged. Rhyno is tagged while Heath has a hold on Jey. They run the ropes with him and Jey is down from a clothesline.

Rhyno and Jey now! Rhyno has the upper hand. Jey strikes Rhyno. Rhyno’s cornered, but he retaliates. Heath is tagged in. He’s striked by Jey. He was cornered for a sec, but Heath retaliates. Heath is out of the ring! The Usos go to work on him. Suplex by the Usos on Slater!

Ref starts a count-out. Heath is back, but the Usos continue to work on him. Jimmy’s got a hold on Slater and Jey goes to work. Deja vu to the last match. Jey has a hold on Slater now. Slater is gaining the upper hand! Slater knocks Jey down. Slater goes for the tag – no! Jimmy is tagged in before he gets a chance. Jey climbs the turnbuckle and leaps onto Slater for the strike. Slater continues to struggle for a tag. The ref stops Rhyno from coming in.

Rhyno gets the crowd pumped. Belly suplex by Jey on Slater. He tried to cover but failed. A hold on Slater. “We want Rhyno!” chants. Slater reaches! Jey slams Slater. Booing for the Usos. Jey runs Slater into the turnbuckles. Jimmy is in and gets to work. Rhyno reaches out for a tag. “Heath’s got kids!” chants.

RHYNO IS TAGGED! He knocks down Jimmy! Belly to belly suplex by Rhyno! GET UP, he says to Jimmy! Slater tags himself in and works on Jimmy! He dodges Jey’s strikes! The crowd cheers! DDT! Cover, Jey drags Slater out of the ring! He almost had him! Jey runs into the announce table as Slater dodges! Jimmy Uso superkicks Slater! Rhyno comes in! The official never saw him! Slater covers!

Winners and your NEW and FIRST EVER SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions: Rhyno & Heath Slater!

Slater’s gonna buy his family a double-wide! Slater is now also officially drafted to SMACKDOWN! He whoops on the mic!

We cut to commercial!

Up next is the…

Okay it’s time guys!!!

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose (c)

AJ dons a Cena gear!

Here we go!

Headlock. AJ reverses. Dean falls. AJ taunts. Dean smirks. He claps at AJ. Rollup by Styles, 1-count cover, reversal. AJ has Dean on the ropes. He shoves AJ!

Head strike by Dean! Arm drag by Dean! Bodyslam by Dean! AJ leaves the ring. He’s back, and he strikes Dean while he’s down. He strikes Dean in the face. He runs the ropes. Sunset flip by Dean. Dean’s down. AJ gets up.

Dean’s cornered by AJ. AJ backs off. Cheering for AJ by the audience. AJ’s down and rolls out of the ring! Dean goes for a dive but AJ rolls back in! Dean gets some damage to his neck. Neckbreaker by Styles, targeting the injury. Dean escapes from AJ and has trouble breathing. AJ continues to work on the neck.

Headlock between the two. Dean claws out. Repeated headstrikes. They run the ropes. Dean is down! AJ kicks Dean. Cover by Styles, kick out. Dean is cornered. AJ strikes. He backs off again. Bodyslam by AJ. He delivers more damage to the neck and covers. Kick out by Dean. Dean is cornered once more. AJ paces and builds up. Dean counters! Repeated kicks to the stomach to AJ! Styles come back and Dean comes crashing into a corner post!

AJ strikes Dean’s head while he’s down. He picks up Dean by his head. Dean kicks AJ in the head. AJ comes back with forearms. AJ misses Dean when he goes for a stinger splash. Dean’s got AJ on the top of a turnbuckle. Both of them come crashing down on the mat!

Dean is back and clotheslines AJ! Dean’s got some crazy in his gaze.

The strength of the Champion! Backbreaker! Cover, kick out by AJ at 2. Dean climbs a turnbuckle and leaps onto AJ from outside of the ring!

They’re back in the ring! Buster by Dean! Cover, kick out at 2 by AJ! AJ struggles. Dean climbs a turnbuckle again. AJ comes for him but Dean leaps out of the way! Dean goes for a suplex! AJ is on the apron. He leaps from the ropes for Dean! Dean does the Dirty Deeds! But AJ comes back! He targets Dean’s leg. AJ does repeated kicks to it!

AJ’s got a hold on Dean. He strikes his leg again. Submission! Dean escapes. He’s on his feet. Dean goes for a suplex. AJ rolls up and does the submission again! He works on the calf of the Champion!

He struggles to reach the rope! He does! He escapes and slams AJ’s head into the mat repeatedly!

Styles looks for the Styles Clash but Dean wraps around the rope! AJ gets clocked by Ambrose! They’re on the apron! AJ goes for the Styles Clash on the apron – no! Dean reverses! AJ goes straight into the corner post! He’s down!

Lariat by Ambrose after Styles runs into the barricade! They’re back in the ring. Rollup by Ambrose, cover! AJ escapes. AJ clotheslines Dean. He picks him up for the neckbreaker! Cover! Dean kicks out.

He tosses AJ overboard! But he recovers and slams the Champion! Cheering for both workers from the audience! AJ slams Dean again! He gazes around in frustration before the springboard! Cover! Kick out by Dean. Dean comes back with repeated strikes to Styles’s head! Knee strikes! AJ is out of the ring!

Dean leaps onto Styles out of the ring! They land behind an announce table!

Dean is standing atop it! He goes for Styles. He throws him over the table. And then over a barricade! The Lunatic climbs a table and jumps over another to land onto AJ from behind the barricade and into the audience!

“This is awesome!” chants! Dean puts AJ back in the ring! Clothesline after clothesline by Dean! AJ is down! The crowd goes wild! Dean feels like he’s on the verge of retaining! But no! Styles goes for the Styles Clash! Cover!


What a night! Sound off in the comments guys! How did you enjoy the PPV?

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