40 WWE DVDs “Under Consideration” For 2017

We are nearly three-quarters of the way done with 2016 and the 2017 WWE Home Video schedule is already taking shape. Besides the PPVs, of course, the sports entertainment giant is working on a tentative list of DVDs and Blu-rays it plans to release next year. According to Wrestling DVD Network, a recent WWE DVD Survey revealed more than 40 titles that are in contention.

Well, maybe not the documentary about Alberto Del Rio.

Here’s the list in its entirety. I put 10 titles in bold that I want to see happen.

30 Years of Survivor Series (Documentary)
Alberto Del Rio (Documentary)
Anoa’i Family (Documentary)
Best of 1997: The 20th Anniversary (Comp)
Black History (Comp)
Bruno Sammartino (Documentary)
CM Punk (Comp)
Epic Undercard (Comp)
Goldberg (Documentary)
Goldust (Comp)
Greatest Rivalries: Dreamer vs. Raven (Sit-down)
Greatest Rivalries: Taz vs. Sabu (Sit-down)
Greatest Rivalries: Vince vs. Bischoff (Sit-down)
Hart Foundation (Comp)
Health & Fitness (Workouts)
History of Tag Team Championships (Comp)
Iron Man Matches (Comp)
John Cena: Behind the Mic (Comp)
Kurt Angle (Comp)
Lex Luger (Documentary)
Live In [City] (Comp)
Mark Henry (Documentary)
Masters of the Mic (Documentary)
NXT Greatest Matches Vol. 2 (Comp)
Out of the Darkness – Two Decades of Kane (Documentary)
Rhodes Stories: The Sons of The Son of a Plumber (Documentary)
Rick Rude (Comp)
Rising Superstars (Comp)
Shawn Michaels: Unreleased Matches (Comp)
Sheamus (Documentary)
Stephanie McMahon (Documentary)
Survival Mode – The Early ’90s (Documentary)
Sycho Sid (Documentary)
Ted DiBiase (Comp)
The History of WWE (Box set)
The New Day (Comp)
The True Story of SummerSlam (Documentary)
Top 25 Celebrity Moments (Documentary)
Ultimate Warrior: Unreleased Matches (Comp)
Undertaker (Documentary)
Unreleased Matches 1986-1995 (Comp)
Women’s Revolution (Documentary)
WrestleMania III – 30 Years Later (Documentary)

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