Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Suspension Was Due to Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Alberto Del Rio was interviewed by Mas Lucha recently, and one of the subjects discussed was his recent suspension from WWE due to a failed drug test. According to Del Rio, the drug he tested positive for that was not approved was a substance for his testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), but was approved by his physician.

The interviewer asked Del Rio (you can check out the full transcribed interview in English below) if his suspension was a determining factor in his decision to leave the company.

Del Rio replied: “Of course. It was. It was that and along with many more things that made me not want to be there. But there are rules. Their wellness program is one of their rules. I can’t call it absurd because when you work for them, you sign a contract. You know that you are subject to their terms. I don’t think it’s fair because there is a big difference in people using medication to obtain better … (he wants to say performance-enhancing) physical performance. But when it is like in my case, I’m using the best testosterone replacement for my health, where I am a 40-year-old man and it is a medical matter that I have proof of from my doctors, I don’t think it’s fair. But, I come back to the same thing. It’s their wellness policy, and you have to abide to it. So yeah, that was part of it, but not all of it. There were many reasons. But it did help me with the decision to say, ‘Goodbye, see you later. I don’t want to be in this company.'”

You can check out the rest of the highlights below! A video to the full interview is here as well, but it’s in Spanish.

Photo credit: WWE social media

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