Australian Survivor Power Rankings Week 3

1.Matt Tarrant (Saanapu)

So far everything has gone his way despite some nervy moments, but he has yet to be really challenged. The swap worked out for him but I think come the merge he’ll have his work cut out for him. For now though, it’s going as good as it can.

2.Andrew Torrens (Vavau)

His business trip has been pretty tame thus far, but he’s made the right alliances and right moves along the way. He recognizes how important it is to have options and that will surely propel him forever.

3.Brooke Jowett (Saanapu)

She’s flying a bit under the radar but from what we do see from her hints at an underrated player and undercover threat. There is a bit of danger that Flick could be credited for both of their gameplay at the end, but right now everyone’s taking shots at Flick while Brooke has room to maneuver.

4.Craig l’Anson (Vavau)

He’s one of this season’s star players for sure. He lost his main ally Jenna Louise who’s likely going out soon due to the swap, but he’s in a good position on his tribe. Earl was able to recover after losing Michelle and Sandra with Courtney, so there’s still plenty of hope left for Craig.

5.Flick Egginton (Saanapu)

Once Conner left Saanapu, Flick’s game was restored and she resumed her dominant position. Saanapu’s queen bee has avoided getting stung, but the swap has benefited her and her alliance. If that alliance were to collapse, she’s likely the first to go but she’s played well so far.

6.Sam Webb (Saanapu)

Sam has changed tribes twice but he has yet to be in any real danger. People seem to gravitate towards him. He definitely has a more reserved personality but he’s likely this season’s golden boy, Malcolm/Joe style. It means he likely won’t get to the end but he’s going deep for sure.

7.El Rowland (Saanapu)

El seemed to have a good one on one connection with everyone member of her original alliance (Lee, Rohan, Phoebe), but now she’s separated from half of them. The target is on Jenna Louise and El is well liked so there’s room for her to maneuver.

8.Lee Carseldine (Saanapu)

Lee is essentially invincible right now. He’s so strong in challenges and admired by everyone in the game, but he will have to start playing the game more if he’s going to last much longer in his new tribe. Unless the original alliance implodes, Lee may surpass Jenna Louise, El, and Nick but that could be the end of the line.

9.Phoebe Timmins (Vavau)

Phoebe had such a good start to the game but things have gotten complicated ever since Kat survived that Tribal Council the day Peter quit. Her game is far from finished though, and if she can make new relationships she can salvage her game. But for her sake Kat needs to go soon.

10.Kylie Evans (Saanapu)

Sometimes she seems like she’s been absorbed into the Saanapu alliance, other times she seems like she’s an expendable part of the alliance. Time will tell how much game she has left but it’s very much out of her control.

11.Sue Clarke (Vavau)

She is part of a strong alliance but she appears to be more of a number than anything else. I could be wrong and she could play better as the game goes along, but as of now she seems content letting others call the shots.

12.Kate Campbell (Vavau)

Jenna Louise leaving Vavau definitely puts Kate in a better position, replacing her in Andrew, Craig, and Sue’s core alliance. However, she’s still struggling. She decided to start playing the game a little too late and she’ll find finding strong alliances this far into the game will be much more difficult than if she tried harder on that front on Day 1.

13.Conner Bethune (Vavau)

He’s playing as hard as he can but he seems like an expendable player. His original Saanapu tribe decided not to bring him back like they did Sam, and his position with Vavau may only be secure for one vote. He’s had some bad luck but if he’s going to get far he’ll have to play scrappy like Cagayan Spencer and hope his luck changes.

14.Rohan Maclaren (Vavau)

Rohan is in a tough position in his new tribe. As of now it seems the original Vavau plus Conner faction is debating between him and Kat. The good news is considering how stacked Saanapu is, they need Rohan for now. Nonetheless, he’s got a lot of work to do to stay alive.

15.Nick Iadanza (Saanapu)

I could definitely see Nick being next to go once they get rid of Jenna Louise. Nick’s a case of playing too hard too fast, and he thinks playing harder will help him get the target off his back. It’s tough to be hard on him because it’s hard to shake that kind of target, but he’s not in this position without fault.

16.Kristie Bennet (Vavau)

She can be an easy boot in the next few votes, or she can be taken along to go to the end. From what little we see of Kristie not many people seem to take her seriously or know she exists.

17.Kat Dumont (Vavau)

She’s been near or at the bottom of the totem pole since this season started. Kat seems to have a talent of making enemies much faster than making friends. Vavau’s core alliance seems to think Rohan has the idol which makes Kat even more expendable and a target.

18.Jenna Louise Salkeld (Saanapu)

The writing is clearly on the wall for both players and viewers. If Jenna Louise survives her next Tribal Council visit (assuming the tribe doesn’t win out until the next swap or merge), it would be the biggest surprise or power shift of the season. She was handpicked as the easy vote and she has very limited options in this tribe.

Let us know what you think! Thank you for reading!

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