DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: DC Rebirth’s The Flash #6 Reveals Who Is Godspeed & What’s Up With Wally West Kid Flash?



Spoilers and review follow for DC Comics Rebirth’s the Flash #6.

One of the big draw for me of DC Rebirth’s the Flash series is that it appears to be telling the story of who DC’s younger Wally West becomes the new Kid Flash.

That started last issue and continues this issue with Wally West upset that Godspeed killed his speedster mentor, who was also dating Barry Allen, last issue.


Wally West is enraged and griveing and feels Barry Allen needs to be investigating and doing more to avenge the death.


As Wally West exits in a flash (sorry ’bout that wordplay), Barry Allen is stunned that two Wally West in his life can tap into the speedforce!


The second draw for me to the DC Rebirth Flash title is the fact that it will be part of the broader storyline stemming from DC Universe: Rebirth #1 particularly the arrival of Dr. Manhattan and perhaps the Comedian whose bloodied happy face button turned up in the DC Rebirth universe with the Flash and Batman.

There is no third draw for me for this book as I found the main storyline for a gaggle of new speedsters in DC not appealing at best and cliche at worst.

However, the offensively named Godspeed and his identity has been a compelling mystery within the broader gazillion speedsters main plot.

Well, we learn who Godspeed is this issue.


It is Barry Allen’s friend August Heart who is much faster than the Flash that…


…he can be at two places at once explaining some scenes in early issues with Godspeed and August Heart.



I’m still intrigued by Wally West’s journey to becoming Kid Flash prior to the debut of the Teen Titans series later this month. I have a similar feeling about Superman in whose pages Jonathan Kent / White / Perry is becoming Superboy prior to the debut of the Super Sons series in 2017.

Now that Godspeed has been unmasked, one mystery has been resloved and an appeal satiated for me concerning this book.

Once Wally West becomes Kid Flash in this series’ pages, I’ll reevaluate my read of this book.

The current issue’s art is ok, displaying a kenetic energy needed for the book, but is not my cup of tea.

Overall, an ok book with a ho-hum main plot. Its the subplots that make this book worth a read.

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