DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Detective Comics #940 & Action Comics #963 w/ Batman & Superman Dealing w/ Tim Drake’s Fate, New Clark Kent, Mr. Oz & The Watchmen?

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Spoilers and review follow for Detective Comics #940.



The book begins with Batwoman taking on her father the seeming head of the Colony. The Colony is trying to reprogram all of their drones that Tim Drake / Red Robin had hacked and are now coming after her instead of targets in Gotham City.


Batwoman and her dad “step” out his monstrous plane…


…then we get to what readers are eager to learn about. Tim Drake / Red Robin’s fate. He has resigned himself to his noble fate. He says his good-byes to Bruce Wayne / Batman…


…his good-byes with girlfriend Stephanie Brown / Spoiler and then…


…is gunned down and…


…to the horror of his Bat-family.


…disintegrated leaving only his staff.


Batman goes to comfort Spoiler in the end who shows him that Tim Drake’s life was just beginning with his acceptance to University!


However, Tim Drake / Red Robin’s story is not over. His disintegration was mysterious since the panel where he is shot doesn’t show any of the shots penetrating his skin. And, for good reason…


…he’s trapped by Mr. Oz who is causing problems for Superman in Action Comics.


Tim Drake / Red Robin has been collected, like Mr. Oz. collected Doomsday at the end of the last Action Comics arc.


Is Mr. Oz really Ozymandias of Watchmen infamy? Is he setting up a scenario to support or defy Dr. Manhattan who we say alluded to in DC Universe: Rebirth #1? This will play out some more in other books too including as I understand it Detective Comics, Action Comics, Batman and Flash at least.

DC Entertainment President, Chief Creative Office and DC Universe Rebirth architect did say Detective Comics was a book to watch in the underlying story if the mystery of Dr. Manhattan. This issue’s sending certainly in part seems to be one reason why he said that.


A big, powerful, dramatic and mysterious issue. Moving and haunting art alongside a deeply personal and action-packed story. Very well done and highly recommended.

Spoilers and review follow for Action Comics #963.



So, who is Clark Kent? He is separate from Superman and really thinks he’s Clark Kent. This issue flutters between the present and…


…the past. Considering the DC New 52, Clark Kent was outed as Superman and folks saw the New 52 Superman die there are lots of questions by the public about why the new Superman and new Clark Kent are alive and why they aren’t the same person.

New Daily Planet owner Lex Luthor holds a press conference to allow this new Clark Kent to say his story.


Rebirth’s Superman his wife and son are also watching the press conference. Clark Kent says he’s been undercover / away as part of a plan he hatched with Superman as they were worried about Kent’s safety over a story he was working on concerning a corporation. So, Superman stood in for Clark Kent in the New 52 for that reason.


An attempt is made on Clark Kent’s life so the can prove Clark Kent and Superman are still the same person.


The shooter misses Clark Kent and hits the podium.

Later on Clark Kent takes a lie detector test and seems to pass as he truly believes he never had super-powers.


Perry White apologizes to Clark Kent for not believing him and Clark goes back to his big corporation expose with Jimmy Olsen.

Now we’re full circle to the opening page of the book as the past catches up to the present.


Clark Kent also learned that it was Batman and Superman don’t trust him and have the lie detector!


Clark Kent is chased by the corporation’s security and is thrown off the roof, as seen on this book’s cover…


…to be saved by Superman.


They need to talk.



As slower paced issue, but an integral one to the Clark Kent subplot now a major story beat. The art worked for the issue evoking great emotion via facial expression and kinetic action where needed. The story was a nice breather to the Doomsday action-packed opening arc and was quite a page turner.

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