DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Superwoman #2 Establishes Why Lana Lang Matters To DC Rebirth! What About Lois Lane & Lex Luthor?


Spoilers and review follow for Superwoman #2.

[Updated with lots of images.]

If you want to know if the New 52 Lois Lane is dead, she is. However writer-artist Phil Jimenez has said her story isn’t over and will continue through to at least the second arc to Superwoman #6 and #7. Her death is tied to the death of the New 52 Superman.

Not a lot of huge action this issue, but characters coping with the death of Superwoman / Lois Lane. However, the new (Electric) Superwoman / Lana Lang is grappling with her friend being gone, but her own health issues as well as we see with an ominous nose bleed.

After being released from custody by Captain Maggie Sawyer, after turning herself in…


…at the advice of her boyfriend the superhero Steel…


…after last issue’s hijinks, she meets up again with her boyfriend Steel, John Henry Irons, and Natasha his niece, who may be able to help Lana Lang with her issues with some tech including armor called the Insect Queen.


At the same, Lex Luthor as Iron Superman is dealing with the fallout of the events of the Gestalt and captured and imprisoned by…


…Lady Bizarro action as she was posing as Lex Luthor’s associate Mercy and was the one that helped in his capture for…


…his wheelchair bound sister Lena Luthor? Is she running Lexcorp now too? And, is that a Mother Box or Father Box in her possession?


Seems to be decent set-up in this issue that leads to some bigger action next month.


I enjoyed issue #2 expecting it to be an issue that deals with the huge ending to issue #1. It was aa quieter issue, but there was a lot of plot advancement. I’m intrigued by how high profile Lex Luthor is in the pages of Superwoman #2 as he is the pages of Action Comics #963 and in both series thus far. That said, while Lana Lang is the featured act in this series, it feels like an ensemble or team book a la Detective Comics. This is a recommended read.

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