Lucha Underground S3 E2: The Amulet – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Dr. Wagner Jr., Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Killshot, Mil Muertes, Famous B, Catrina & Many More!


Ten-hut, Believers! Tonight’s episode of Lucha Underground features what will hopefully be a long-time coming main event: the Weapons of Mass Destruction match between Killshot and Marty “The Moth” Martinez!

It’s absolutely incredible how this feud has lasted beyond Season 2, and now we’re getting this long-awaited match in the beginning of Season 3. While we’ve seen Killshot and Marty in the ring together before – especially their tag match together last season, which ended in The Moth stealing Killshot’s dog tags representing his late brothers – this match in particular means even more.

The Big Reasons Why You Marks Should Pay Attention to Weapons of Mass Destruction: Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Killshot

  1. Both luchadores cut incredible promos. Case in point – Marty’s promo above. Although we haven’t seen nearly as much mic time for Killshot as we have for The Moth, this is definitely his chance to bring more of that to the table.
  2. The uniqueness of the storylines behind these characters refreshes the typical face/heel rivalry. Vengeance certainly isn’t new, but a luchador like Killshot seeking it for the sake of his deceased brothers who died across the pond in a foreign country, underneath the hood of a cursed Temple in a shady part of Los Angeles in a wrestling ring with other strange luchadores and the fact that a psychopath who believes he’s a winged insect and comes from a long line of Aztec ancestors and is also rich AF and has a sister who regenerates into a moth woman with mind control abilities, in fact, is.
  3. Their in-ring chemistry is phenomenal. We can watch cruiserweights like Killshot all day, every day, no matter who their opponents are. But we’ve seen Killshot and The Moth together in almost every possible match scenario, from one-on-one and tag team partners to elimination matches and title shots. And now we’re getting the best possible match suitable for this point in time in their feud. A weapons match brings out the best in psychopaths and vengeance-seeking wrestlers. Expect to see that tonight.

There you have it. We’re also going to see Mil Muertes (hopefully with dominatrix Catrina) and Famous B and Beautiful Brenda’s new client and lucha libre legend Dr. Wagner Jr. return to the Temple this evening!

Also, if you check out the recap video Lucha Underground posted on social media, we also get hints of a possible continuation of the storyline surrounding Dario Cueto’s crimes and the unknown figure he works for (although its voice reminds me way too much of Night Claw). We also get a super-brief recap of the downward spiral of Mascarita Sagrada after Famous B hired him as his client, plus events leading up to Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Also, the Dish Network episode description plus the episode title insinuates that we’ll find out more about the power of the Ancient Aztec Medallions! The Ancient Aztec Prophecy storyline that began early last season was sort of left up in the air, so perhaps this is a continuation of a big, overarching storyline that emcompasses the entire series.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what happened on last week’s season premiere:

  • Dario Cueto was bailed out of prison and returned to the mysterious figure with whom he works below.
  • The Proprietor introduced his Dial of Doom, which landed on Son of Havoc, leading to a Lucha Underground Championship match between him and Dario’s brother and current Champion, “The Monster” Matanza Cueto. Matanza won via pinfall.
  • Worldwide Underground member Taya faced Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods title! Sexy Star won via pinfall after Taya was distracted by Johnny Mundo’s interference in the match. They also beat up Angelico pretty bad after Ultima Lucha Dos.
  • Ivelisse vs. Catrina is officially CONFIRMED for Ultima Lucha Tres!
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction was confirmed for tonight!
  • The season premiere ended with Pentagon Dark vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.! Pentagon left the ring temporarily to interact with commentator Vampiro, who had to leave the Temple, perhaps due to the interaction bringing back harsh memories as Pentagon’s master. The match concluded with El Rey winning the match via pinfall. Pentagon Dark sought revenge by preparing to break his arm, but Dragon Azteca Jr. appeared to protect his mentor from harm!
  • Vampiro consoles Prince Puma in the locker room. Prince Puma believes Vampiro just wants to use him to take out Pentagon Dark.

Stay tuned for the recap and analysis!

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!

*Vampiro-esque cackle* Indeed, we love death.

Seeya at 8!

Less than 10 minutes, guys! Get going!

Uh oh, Marty the Moth has taken to Facebook to air his grievances…


We get a recap of Dario Cueto’s release, Mascarita Sagrada’s time with Famous B, and the Weapons of Mass Destruction match confirmation in Dario’s office!

Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro listen to the wire evidence with the Captain, from Mr. Cisco’s wire before he was murdered by Dario Cueto. The Captain doesn’t want to do anything about it, and Joey Ryan gets into a short brawl with Cortez to calm Cortez down.

He wants justice for Mr. Cisco. This is from after Ultima Lucha Dos: Part II.

We’re now in the Temple! The Chimpz are jamming out in the balcony again. “BRUTAL BRUTAL BRUTAL!” Or “Bien, bien, bein!”

It’s time for… Wait! Before Melissa Santos can announce the first match, Famous B interrupts her! She’s not famous enough to announce his client! Ouch. Get ready for the Surgeon of Sufferin’! Beautiful Brenda is dressed as a nurse! Hummina…

He announces Dr. Wagner Jr.! And now, Melissa announces… Mascarita Sagrada!!! Oh jeez.

Singles Match: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Mascarita Sagrada!
Let’s go!

Wagner pretends to kick something… Mocking his opponent, perhaps? Mascarita goes for the waist lock. He’s taking an advantage of the size difference here. Wagner reverses. Chinlock. Arm drag by Mascarita!

But Wagner goes for the Doctor Driver! Pin!

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr.!

Much to Vampiro’s approval, Beautiful Brenda’s voice will now leave!

Time for a commercial break!

We’re back!

A millennia ago… During the ancient Aztec tribes’ time. A little girl tries to talk to his papa, but his papa tells him it’s too late for him. He can’t fight this battle against the Gods. He gives her the Piedra Immortal, a powerful medallion that only works on females. The fate of the world now relies on her and future women before her. Before he passes away, he makes sure she understands.

On the night of Ultima Lucha Dos, Captain Vasquez holds a broken piece of the Immortal. Holy. Shit. Cortez comes in… He has a medallion, as well. She tells him that he’s been in that Temple, that he understands how it works. She suspends him, so he can decide which side of the war he wants to be on.

We go back to commercial.

And we’re back!

We’re in the Temple. Time for…

Singles Match: Argenis vs. Mil Muertes with Catrina!
Yes, Argenis is back! This matchup is interesting.

Let’s go!

They create space. Headlock. Argenis is pushed into the turnbuckles and Argenis counters with a kick to the back. Mil does a running release powerbomb.

Cheering for Mil from the Believers. Argenis kicks Mil’s gut but goes down! He runs to the turnbuckles while Mil’s down. He covers – kick out by Mil at 1!

Argenis has fight in him but his opponent is colossal.

He’s down. Mil chokes him! He picks him up for a FLATLINER!


Winner: Mil Muertes!

A vulgar display, says Striker. WAIT!

Prince Puma appears! Mil doesn’t see him, he’s too distracted by Catrina’s Lick of Death for Argenis!

Prince Puma surprise attacks! They face off!

Puma has the upper hand! He runs the ropes and slides RIGHT into Mil! Catrina stops Puma from further damage.

Is Prince Puma taking Vampiro’s advice?! We’ll find out soon enough – time for another commercial break!

We’re back!

Last week, Dario came into his office after his release. He admires its canvas… Or perhaps he’s looking for something. Hopefully no one rifled through his shit. He looks up – Joey Ryan’s here! “What the hell do you want?”

But Joey says he’s a friend. And he also knows he killed Mr. Cisco. Because he’s cop. He wants to be on the right side of whatever war is coming, and that’s Dario’s side. He proposes a deal to be his double agent. He reveals that Cortez Castro has also been undercover.

Do they have a deal? Hurry up, Dario. Joey’s got child support.

Later, tonight, Reyes comes in to see Captain Vasquez! He’s been doing some thinking. He wants to come back and be on her side of the war. Sounds like he’s coming back to the Temple. He thanks her. Leaves.

Lots of storylines tonight! Let’s take another break.

Also, WMD will have NO commercial breaks!

We’re back again!

Time for the…

Weapons of Mass Destruction Match: Killshot vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez!
We’re quickly underway! They brawl on the stairs! Killshot tosses him over the stair bars! He crawls into a balcony, where he has a sniper set up with sandbag defenses! Killshot picks it up and delivers a ballistic bomb to the head of the Moth!

Killshot hits Marty repeatedly.

He drags him back to the stairs! Holy shit cheering! Marty is laughing all the while! Wow.

Marty pushes Killshot into a turnbuckle post! Uh oh! Killshot moves Marty into the announce table! He falls on the concrete behind it! “This is awesome!” everyone cheers!

A Believer watches intently as everyone cheers “Holy shit!”

Marty GRABS Melissa Santos! Killshot calls him out on it!

Marty is spewing blood from his face! Killshot strikes Marty in the audience and Marty grabs Killshot by the crotch!

Killshot moves through the crowd to escape from Marty! “Lucha, lucha, lucha!”

Killshot picks up Marty by the head, and shoves him into the balcony gates! Killshot positions himself on top of the thin support of the balcony, and leaps onto Marty! Everyone cheers for Killshot. “This is awesome!”

Marty shoves Killshot onto a box and it smashes! “Holy shit,” yet again!

Killshot is shoved into ammo boxes! There is no shortage of pain!

The referee faces Marty, and Melissa looks on in fear. Marty gets a table! The crowd continues to chant their approval.

They’re back in the ring! Marty has a hold on Killshot from the apron. Killshot is in the ring. Marty goes for the suplex! Killshot has lots of resistance! Marty manages to get Killshot on the apron! KILLSHOT PICKS UP MARTY! Modified backdrop driver by Killshot! Marty revives and gets a ladder. He places it in the ring. He gets another! He bridges it from the apron to the balcony. Killshot comes to his feet with support from the table Marty set up. Marty gets caught up in netting and now he’s down!

Killshot gets up, with motivation from the Believers’ chanting.

Marty hits Killshot into the ladder! Killshot was aiming for Marty!

Marty gets Killshot back in the ring. Fans cringe. Marty is in the ring. Believers stomp their feet. Both opponents begin a tug-of-war for the ladder. Killshot shoves Marty into the corner with the ladder. That reopened Marty’s head! Killshot picks up a ladder and Marty kicks it into Killshot, sending him into the turnbuckles!

He picks up Killshot. “Freaky bastard!” the fans chant! Indeed.

Killshot is down again, and Marty sets up firearm boxes. He lines them vertically in a row. Marty clutches Killshot’s head. He sets up… Killshot is in the electric chair… He manages to escape but Marty does a spinebuster on Killshot on the containers!

Marty climbs the turnbuckles! He flaps his wings and Killshot interferes. A Believer can be heard saying, “Oh my god.”

They go back and forth on the turnbuckle. Marty has control! He suplexes him into the containers! The fans continue to chant.

Killshot revives, but Marty is too fast… But Killshot strikes him on the apron. Shin to the face! Marty and Killshot collide into the ladder bridge!

Killshot puts Marty back in the ring! He climbs the turnbuckles! DOUBLE STOMP! PIN! Kick out by Marty at 2!

Marty continues bleeding and Killshot moves the containers. “This is awesome!” Yet again! Everyone is on their feet! Killshot goes for the waistlock, but Marty strikes him in the crotch. Second time tonight. He grabs Killshot. Powerbomb into the table he set up earlier! Believers clutch their heads!

RIP Killshot. He was 28 years old. 🙁

Vampiro leaves commentary for a closer look. Marty places Killshot in the ring. Striker basically calls Vampiro a creep and Vampiro takes it as a compliment. Vampiro is inspired by this match.

Marty jumps off a turnbuckle, misses, and Killshot goes for the storm cradle driver! Pin! Kick out by Marty!

Fans are crazy! MARTY is crazy!

He continues to laugh through his pain! Lots of shots of the entire Temple cheering and clapping! Killshot sets up a table in the ring. He rolls out fo the ring and gets another… Ladder! It’s HUGE! He pushes it in the ring. The ref paces up and down its length. Killshot strikes Marty as he leaves the ring. Killshot sets up the ladder. Marty keeps selling until he uses the ropes for support to get up. He kicks Killshot in the jaw!

He sits by Killshot and clutches his jaw! Killshot is almost lifeless! Marty sets up a table. He places Killshot on it. He’s almost lifeless. Marty taunts Melissa as he climbs the ladder Killshot had earlier.

Killshot is alive! He climbs the ladder on the other side! Marty holds Killshot’s head, taunts him. He puts his fingers in Killshot’s mouth. Oh God, Marty is setting up a suplex! MARIPOSA ENTERS THE RING!!!

She climbs the ladder behind Killshot, and strikes him repeatedly in his back! He strikes her back, below her! She falls into a table! The ref tends to her.

Equal opportunity! Marty strikes Killshot in the head weakly. Killshot hangs on. Marty yells at Killshot! KILLSHOT clutches Marty’s crotch through the rungs! PAYBACK!

Marty is retreating! Killshot is on top of the ladder! Killshot reclaims his dog tags! He kicks Marty repeatedly! “KILL THE MOTH!”

DOUBLE STOMP by Killshot! Marty is sent through the table! PIN!

Winner: Killshot!

Talk about chills! Killshot represents the sacrifices of men and women across the world in uniform! THANK YOU, KILLSHOT!

Backstage, Mil Muertes takes out his frustration on a wall. Catrina appears – “that’s enough!”

He wants Puma! She appears behind him. He will have him eventually. Patience is a virtue. She has waited hundreds of years to get what she’s wanted… The other half of the Piedra Immortal.

Oh my God.

Fade out.

Sound off below, Believers!! How did you like this episode?

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