10 Thoughts On CWC Finale – Kota Ibushi, Gran Metalik, TJ Perkins & Zack Sabre Jr

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1. It’s the feature-length finale of the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic, which means we’re about to see some awesome wrestling and a fair amount of filler. We kick off with a recap of the action so far, which has been absolutely top shelf.

2. Our first match of the night is Gran Metalik from Mexico taking on Zack Sabre Jr from England, and Metalik takes control early moving at a thousand miles an hour before Sabre slows him down with some technical magic. Despite the clash of styles both men know how to tell a good story in the ring, and the match goes back and forth as the tension builds.

3. Near falls and reversals abound as the match progresses, with both men putting in a massive effort. The fact that one of them has to wrestle again later tonight speaks to the conditioning of the Cruiserweights. Could anyone see Baron Corbin working two decent 20 minute matches in a year, let alone a single night? Gran Metalik picks up the win with the Metalik Driver after a fantastic match.

4. After an awkward bilingual post match interview Metalik gets a chance to go to the back and recover, and we prepare for Golden Star Kota Ibushi taking on 17 year veteran TJ Perkins. Before the match we get a quick interview with Gargano and Ciampa, who are now known as DIY, which is as good a name as any I suppose.

5. It’s hard to see the master of the Dab having much of a chance here, and the young veteran enters to a chorus of boos. Before too long Perkins is able to turn the crowd around, which he achieves by countering Ibushi at every turn and looking like a genuine threat.

6. As the match progresses it becomes evident why many consider Ibushi the best wrestler in the world, as he sells like a champion while still managing to look strong. The fans are in their feet as Perkins kicks out of the Golden Star powerbomb, then Ibushi misses a Phoenix Splash. Perkins takes advantage and locks in the knee bar and transitions into an STO, forcing Ibushi to tap out for the shock loss! Underdog TJ Perkins is going to the final!!!

7. That… was really smart. If Ibushi had steamrolled to the finals there would have been little suspense, but at this point I genuinely have no idea who will walk away with that ugly-ass trophy. Also I have no idea if WWE have signed Ibushi to a longer term contract, considering the money he could make in Japan.

8. Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander think they don’t need a plan to take on DIY, which seems like an unwise position, talented as they may be. And it seems like nobody told the commentators that Gargano and Ciampa are now called DIY, which seems like a minor oversight. Highly entertaining match as you’d expect from these four competitors, but I can’t help thinking that Gargano’s habit of licking his fingers pre lockup isn’t very hygienic. DIY pick up the win with the superkick/knee sandwich, a tag team finishing move that desperately needs a better name. How about the Home Improvement?

9. Do we really need a 2 minute ad for the WWE network on a show that is available exclusively on said network? We’re already paying, Vince. We can’t do it twice. On to the main event! After some words from Daniel Bryan, Mauro Renallo, William Regal, Corey Graves and some guy they found by the catering table. And now some more recaps, in case you have a short memory. Don’t become Raw, CWC. We love you because you’re not Raw. And then just as the match is about to start, HHH interrupts, because when you think cruiserweights, you think HHH. He introduces the purple Cruiserweight title, which is nice and all, but surely I am not alone when I say f**k off and let them wrestle, Hunter.

10. Slow paced match to start picks up and becomes one of the best of the tournament with both men working their asses off to tell a story of agility vs persistence. After a remarkable match TJ Perkins picks up the submission victory after reversing a top rope Metalik Driver into a knee bar. TJ Perkins heads into Raw as the new Cruiserweight champion, and fans of decent wrestling hope desperately that he’s not limited to five minute matches and then squashed by Braun Strowman…

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