DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Trinity #1 & A New Status Quo For DC Rebirth’s Batman, Wonder Woman & Superman As A New Mystery Emerges?



DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review follow for Trinity #1.

Franis Manapul serves as Trinity’s writer, artist and colorist with amazing results.

We get amazing splash pages that define the three core characters.

Starting with DC Rebirth’s Wonder Woman (her past is changing in the new era)…


…the DC New 52 Batman (no real change to Batman or his past in new DC Rebirth era)…


…and the pre-Flashpoint Superman (who returned with his wife Lois Lane, plus a son, in Convergence; he replaces the now deceased New 52 Superman in DC Rebirth as THE Kryptonian Superman of this new era).


Trinity #1 is about introductions of sorts. Batman and Wonder Woman, in the alter egos of Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince, are coming for dinner with Clark Kent, Lois Lane-Kent and their son Jon Kent who is becoming DC Rebirth’s Superboy…


…he’s still learning how to use his powers. Lois Lane-Kent has invited Batman and Wonder Woman over for dinner so DC Rebirth’s top 3 heroes, its Trinity, and stalwarts of the Justice League can acquaint themselves with one another.


As part of the dinner banter, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane have a tender moment. Wonder Woman had been romantically involved with the New 52 Superman before he passed away, but WW makes it clear she has no designs on Lois’ husband.


Batman and Superman become closer as Wonder Woman and Lois Lane do.


At the same time, something beckons from the barn that…


…embroils the Trinity?


A mirror or looking glass into the past? But whose past? The New 52 Superman’s or the pre-Flashpount DC Rebirth Superman’s?


A solid issue on story and art. Quiet issue, which was needed, that sets up so much more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 10 out of 10.

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