Lucha Underground S3 E3: Ultimate Opportunities – New Episode Premiere, Ongoing Live Coverage Featuring LU Champ Matanza, Fenix, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Jack Evans, Aerostar & Many More!


Believers, I have a question for you – do you believe in ultimate opportunities? Do you believe good things come to those who wait? Or do you have to go out and earn it yourself?

Regardless, the Worldwide Underground returns to the ring tonight for a Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios Championships title match with current champs, The Super Friends! Can Fenix, Drago, and Aerostar retain their gold tonight? We’ll see!

The man from the 5-5-9, “The Machine” Brian Cage, also returns tonight in a singles match with Texano!

And Dario Cueto’s new concept, Dario’s Dial of Doom, will select another opponent for his brother in another Lucha Underground Championship match! Who will test the Monster’s brute strength tonight?

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened last week! Stay tuned for the full recap and analysis. There are a couple major spoilers and plot twists here, so be wary!

  • Cortez Castro wants to seek vengeance for what happened to Mr. Cisco.
  • Dr. Wagner Jr. pinned Famous B’s former client, Mascarita Sagrada!
  • Captain Vasquez, the boss of Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro, is a millennia-year-old descendant of the ancient Aztecs, and a beholder of Piedra Immortal, a powerful medallion!
  • Argenis and Mil Muertes had a singles match! Mil was accompanied by Catrina and pinned Argenis. However, Prince Puma appeared after the match with a surprise attack at the Man of 1000 Deaths! Catrina also gave Argenis a Lick of Death!
  • Joey Ryan has chosen his side of the war – he is officially on Dario Cueto’s side! There might also be a few little Joeys running around Boyle Heights and beyond…
  • Reyes returned! He is on Captain Vasquez’s side.
  • In a historic first-ever Weapons of Mass Destruction singles match, Killshot and Marty “The Moth” Martinez put on an incredible display. Marty’s sister, Mariposa, interfered but failed and fell through a table! Killshot won the match and reclaimed his dog tags. Once again – thank you, Killshot, for your service. (A big, broken kayfabe thanks also goes out to both luchadores for an incredible match.)

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!!


We get a recap of Dario’s Dial of Doom, and the season premiere’s opener with Son of Havoc vs. Matanza for the LU Championship! Plus that episode’s main event with Rey Mysterio and Pentagon Dark! And Pentagon Dark’s broken arm count since being under the Temple! Taya vs. Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods Championship! The beating of Sexy Star. The Super Friends coming to her aid.

We’re now in Boyle Heights. Rey and Dragon Azteca train backstage in the Temple. Rey tells him not to lose focus. Azteca reminds Rey of Pentagon’s power. But Rey says that he has many enemies, and they have their own battle to fight – one that’s much more dangerous than him.

Enter Chavo Guerrero! He pins Dragon Azteca. He’s got some beef with everybody, doesn’t he?

We’re now in the arena! The Chimpz monkey around in the balcony yet again tonight! The Proprietor himself is back with his Dial of Doom! A Believer cheers, “Thank You!” As usual, whomever the Dial lands on earns a title match with current champ Matanza Cueto! Apparently, Son of Havoc is home licking his wounds under his mom’s care.

He spins the Dial! It lands on…

THE MACK! Oh yes!

Dial of Doom Lucha Underground Championship Match: Matanza (c) vs. The Mack!

Mack slaps the shit out of Matanza in the audience! STUNNER!

Mack takes off his jacket and won’t waste any time! He places Matanza in the ring! PIN! No! Another pin! NO! Another! But no!

Matanza’s up but Mack slaps him again! They run the ropes. Mack stops. He kicks Matanza in the face! He sends Matanza flying!

Matanza’s cornered and Mack delivers running chops! Suplex by Mack! Pin! Kick out by Matanza at 2.

The Believers cheer for The Mack! He waits for Matanza to get it together. He kicks him, about to go for the stunner, but Matanza suplexes The Mack! The Mack is down! He’s in a bad way!

Matanza CHOKES him! Matanza tries to put his fingers in several places in Mack’s face. He corners Mack; booing from the crowd.

Dario coaches his brother ringside.

“Let’s go, Mack! Let’s go, Mack!” Mack is down yet again! Dario tells Matanza to BREAK the Mack’s NECK. The Mack drags himself to the corner but Matanza goes for the choke again! The ref breaks it up. Matanza continues to target the neck.

Mack slaps Matanza! He returns with a boot to the face! Arm press down, cover. Kick out by Mack. They are in the center of the ring, on the seal. Mack slaps him repeatedly. Exchanging of blows!

Mack dodges, and Matanza’s out of the ring. Mack flies out of the ring on top of him! “Lucha, lucha, lucha!”

Mack put the champ back in the ring. Believers chant for Mack. He runs the ropes! He sends Matanza flying nearly 12 feet across the ring!

Mack climbs the turnbuckles! Bullfrog splash but Matanza lifted his knees!

Wrath of the Gods!

Cover! 1, 2, 3…

Winner and still your Lucha Underground Champion: Matanza!

Another sacrifice has been made, courtesy of El Jefe. Dario also has another announcement to make later tonight and we should expect a HUGE main event! Stay tuned!

We’re back! Somewhere on the open road… Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada watch a Famous B commercial.

They need a plan.

Son of Havoc’s mother made them their favorite – Bagel Bites… That sponsorship! Way to go, El Rey!

Back in Boyle Heights, Johnny Mundo bursts into Dario Cueto’s office. All the fans care about are Mundo becoming a champion. He’ll be at his dojo, and he needs Dario to think long and hard about how he’s treating his biggest star. He leaves.

Dario needs a replacement. Taya’s here, no?

Back in the ring…

Singles Match: Texano Jr. vs. “The Machine” Brian Cage!
But before the match can begin, El Jefe has the mic. These two luchadores have a lot in common. This match is now… The Ultimate Opportunity Match!

And the match is AFTER THIS BREAK!

We’re back! RING THE BELL!

Texano dives and Cage dodges. Texano’s down! Cover by Cage. OMG Cage is literally laying on him. Okay, they’re up. Holy crap they’re fast. Texano’s up. He twirls himself around the turnbuckles!

Cage is down! Texano lands from the ropes on Cage! Cage is cornered! Dropkick?! Cover by Texano, kick out by Cage. Lots of support for Texano from the Believers. Reversals, kicks. Cage faked a clothesline and kicked him! Cool stuff.

Cage is out! He leaps right on Texano’s neck from out of the ring.

Cage puts Texano back in. Cover, kick out at 2 by Texano. Texano knees Cage. Texano’s down, cover.

Kick out. Cage has Texano. He shifts from behind. Roll back through, shoulders down, Cage gets through a kick out and in a reverse Boston crab! HOW?!?!?!

Texano’s neck is focused on here. He grabs the rope and Cage has to leave. Suplex by Cage!

Spin through and into an ankle lock by Texano! Ouch! He crawls for the rope!

Momentum. Spinning heel kick by Texano. Backbreaker. Cage is a ragdoll. Slow cover, kick out by Cage. Texano seems winded.

Cage dodges Texano. Cage is on the move. They run the ropes. Cage picks up Texnao, spine buster. Roll over. Cage steals Texano’s moves. Cage – no – full package – cover by Texano – nope! Texano covers Cage now. Kick out.

Cage kicks Texano. Suplex by Cage. Fireman’s carry. Cage keeps focusing on the neck. Cover. Kick out.

Texano back elbow. 360 discus lariat by Cage! Cover.

Winner: Cage!

Interesting match. Dario comes out. If Cage wants the Ultimate Opportunity… He needs to beat Texano in a Best of Five Series! Woohoo!

Up next is the Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios Titles Defense!

In Dario’s office, he has a parcel. It’s a snapback? Plus an envelope. Weird photographs! What the heck are those?! Dragon Azteca bursts in – he wants a match. Pentagon Dark. Dario likes it. Doesn’t sound bad. He’ll pencil it in.

He’s got another guest – hey, cool pictures! Want them? He takes them. A gift. Chavo is next in line. He needs to talk.

Time for…

Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios Championships: Aerostar, Fenix & Drago (c) vs. The Worldwide Underground team of PJ Black, Jack Evans & Taya!


Fenix goes into the audience and celebrates lucha with a young fan! Animo! Lots of cheering from the audience for Drago.

The Worldwide Underground comes out! Jack Evans and PJ get into a brief argument.

Don’t go away – the match will start after this break!

Okay it’s time! Taya greets the viewers on the turnbuckle.

Evans and Drago now! Remember what happened last season. Evans is weird.

He ties a bandana around his face. Show off!

PJ tags himself in. What is happening… Taya is in now!

Headlock. She’s against the ropes. Waistlock by Drago. Reversal by Taya. She’s got the side headlock. Reversals. Wristlock by Drago. Kicks by Drago. Arm drag, twist. Taya’s down. Wristlock again. Drago’s got the upper hand. Taya now. She runs the ropes. Shoulder tackle. Drago’s met his match.

She struts away and tags in Jack. But nope, here comes PJ! And Aerostar! Elbow tie-up! Kick to the gut by PJ. Dodges a clothesline, but PJ kicks again. Aerostar uses the ropes to evade but turns it into offense.

Kick to PJ’s head. Inside outside! The ropes! Aerostar goes for a tilt-a-whirl DDT but PJ gets it.

Aerostar’s down, he’s limp! PJ repositions his patient. He climbs the turnbuckles but Aerostar dodges.

Jack and Fenix now! But nope, he tags in Taya. She slowly wanders in. Wera loca chants! Dodges, but Fenix does the palm strike! Sike! Taya screams to prevent Fenix from hurting her!

But she’s down! PJ’s in. They run the ropes. Fenix’s big double stomp. Cover, kick out by PJ.

Jack is in! Cute entrance but no one was in. Drago’s in! Finally. Dodges, kicks! Jack’s got the upper hand. He sends Drago into the turnbuckle. He goes right into Drago!

PJ’s in! Stiff tag though. Drago’s down. PJ leaps from the ropes! Cover, kick out by Drago.

Drago dodges from another flip by PJ now! Jack is in but the tag was wicked! He’s down! Taya drags him back into the ring! She’s the mom of the Worldwide Underground.

Jack wants nothing to do with his. He sits cross-legged like a child.

PJ’s in and is getting beat by all of the Super Friends!

Drago wants to go for Taya, but he gets Fenix! Taya climbs the turnbuckles and lands onto Fenix and Drago from out of the ring!

Aerostar and PJ now! Aerostar sends him on the seal! “Holy shit!”

Cover, 1, 2, 3!

Winners and still your Lucha Underground Trios Champs: Fenix, Aerostar & Drago!

They celebrate but Johnny Mundo comes back and attacks the Super Friends with Taya and PJ!

Jack pouts and watches.


They escape! The Super Friends are now in good company with the Wonder Woman of the Temple. Mundo flips them off.

Back in Dario’s office, Rey Mysterio has a meeting. Dario tells Rey about Dragon Azteca and Pentagon. Rey shakes his head. Dario has replaced Pentagon with Chavo, since they agree with Azteca is not ready for the bone-breaking psychopath. Dario wants to make this fair. He puts Rey’s next match in ink… as a referee.

Sound off, Believers! Watcha think? Jack Evans, tho.

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