Marvel Comics’ Civil War II #5 Spoilers & Review: Miles Morales Spider-Man Takes Center Stage As The Heroes Scramble To Deal With Ulysses! Is Hydra Captain America Plotting For Marvel Now 2016?

Marvel Comics’ Civil War II #5 Spoilers & Review follows.

The severely delayed Civil War II #5 is upon us.


It opens with a summary of what this mini-series is about and what’s transpired so far…


…including a dramatis personae.


That said, I find the below best summarizes the two camps in Marvel right now concerning new Ihuman Ulysses’ seeming future sight.

Marvel Civil War II banner 1

During the battle between the heroes, and their respective leaders Iron Man (Tony Stark not yet Riri William’s Ironheart) and Captain Marvel (Alpha Flight head), Ulysses gives everyone intentionally or unintentionally a look into the future where…


…it’s a dank, dark Marvel Now 2016 where…


…Miles Morales as Spider-Man seemingly impales and perhaps kills Captain America Steve Rogers, who…


…none of the heroes know is a Hydra agent as the Red Skull used an Infinity gem, the reality stone I believe, to change the past. You can see Steve Rogers as Captain America pondering this vision of his impaling and possible death in a peculiar manner.


Ms. Marvel doesn’t believe this future will come to pass, but Captain Marvel true to form, arrests Miles Morales Spider-Man for a crime he has yet to commit.


This certainly makes the cover to Civil War II #6 more understandable.



A woefully delayed issue which finally delivers on the promise of the Civil War name with an actual battle among heroes. The Spider-Man / Captain America ending is intriguing and raises important questions about preemptive arrest in this election cycle with the very real threat of terrorism around us. Civil War II #5 is the best issue so far in this mini-series, but I feel all this should have happened in Civil War II #2 or Civil War #3. A slow mini-series that finally hit the action with this issue.

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