DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Cyborg #1 (Re)introduces Villain While Continuing DC Rebirth Shake Up! Plus Superman’s Shadow?



DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Cyborg #1 follow.

We still don’t know who the villain is from the end of the amazing Cyborg Rebirth #1. However, many readers have remarked that they may be Cyborg’s father or a relative.

Anyhow, Cyborg #1 opens with this villain in a hall of DC Comics’ robots and techno-organic beings.


He picks another one to tangle with Cyborg. A big one!


In the issue, Cyborg goes on a date with a STAR Labs colleague and recalls events from Cyborg Rebirth #1. Is Cyborg still really Victor Stone or a copy of the late Victor Stone?


Cyborg and his date are attached by that big ‘bot, who turns out to be…


…Flash villain, of the Wally West Flash era, Kilg%ore!


It was revealed in Cyborg Rebirth #1 that much of DC’s tech-enhanced heroes, villains and robots are all derived in some way from the Kryptonian Cyborg Superman, who is the father of Supergirl.

Interesting that Kilg%re is using the “eradicate” language and Kryptonian inspired word font in the comic. The Eradicator, also of Krypton, was most recently in the pages of Superman trying to eradicate the human-half of Superman’s son. Now Kilg%re is working to eradicate the human side of Cyborg. NOT a coincidence.

Looks like Superman will be a big part of the techno narrtive of DC Rebirth.


Cyborg falls in with Blue Beetle as my two most surprising reads of the Rebirth era. I didn’t expect to continue reading both books, but they have started off so strong on story and art. Cyborg #1

Kilg%re was introduced in Flash #3 in the 1980’s.


He/it is described as:

    Kilg%re was an electro-mechano-organic intelligence that needed electro-life to survive. It consumed its entire home planet in the Pleides sector, and then moved on into space. It was attacked by something known as Meta#sker and placed into a vibrational limbo.


He survived being defeated by the Flash and was also manipulating Maxwell Lord who was heading up the Justice League International (JLI) at the time.


Kilg%re has evolved in his time pre-Flashpoint.


It is unlikely Kilg%re is from “home planet in the Pleides sector” due to this new DC Rebirth Krytonian tech subplot weaving its way through books, but I remain intrigued nonetheless by this Cyborg book and this unfolding story,

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