TNA Impact Wrestling 9-22-16 Recap (Moose and EC3 vs. Lashley and Bennett)

A recap of Delete or Decay, the EC3/Lashley press conference and the EC3/Lashley feud starts things off. Drew Galloway comes down to face Eddie in the Grand Championship tournament. Drew dominates round 1, and hits a tilt a whirl slam on the apron as a counter to the suicide dive. Drew officially wins that round and goes for the Claymore, but eats the Boston Knee Party. Drew rolls to the floor and they battle a bit with Eddie getting a dive and the win for round 2. Round 3 features a ton of chops, but the Future Shock hits and Eddie is covered – but the bell rings before the count is tolled. Drew wins via judges’ decision.



EC3 comes down and then Bennett and Lashley come in too. Moose runs in, but his windup for the Rainmaker works against him because Bennett superkicks him and Lashley spears him. Moose and EC3 battle Lashley and Bennett later. Allie makes arrangements for Maria’s public workout before calling her stupid. Eli cuts a promo on Aron Rex, which doesn’t do much. Bennett and Lashley argue a bit backstage. Rex and Drake talk in the ring with Rex burying Drake’s gear for looking cheap. Rex and Eli starts off with headlock city, but they go onto strikes and Rex lands some nice knees to the gut. Rex goes for an Edgeucator as the first round ends. Rex wins round 1, giving Eli more motivation for round 2. A cradle and DDT each get 2 for him. Drake wins that round, but Rex wins with the Revelator discus elbow.


Decay talks about The Great War at BFG, but Vanguard 1 brings a message from Senor Benjamin – laughter! Rex is backstage and Drew talks to him about their match at BFG. Cody’s hype video airs and he’ll be debuting at BFG. Decay yammers on mid-ring before Broken Matt talks to them from the crowd to say that Decay lives in a broken universe. The lights go out and Decay is tied up, leading to Reby beating up Rosemary. Reby says that she’ll face Rosemary next week and leave her mother without her baby.


Moose chats with EC3 about how he’ll kick ass tonight. DJZ talks about being X Champion and doing a lot of growing up. DJZ shines brightly with some crazy flips and a super rana. ZZT wins it. Eddie comes down and congratulates him on a great title match – and he wants one of his own and will get it next week. Maria shadowboxes with and insults Allie backstage. Allie brings out Maria’s opponent, who Sienna chokes out before Maria hits her with the wrist brace and wins. Maria wants someone else and a MASKED OPPONENT IS HERE. Oh this is gonna be great. This never fails to at least get a pop when the reveal is made. The Ninja’s crane kick works! Gail unmasks and goes for Eat Defeat – but Sienna attacks and then Eats Defeat.


EC3 and Moose vs. Lashley and Bennett is up. Not really much to this match. EC3 avoids a corner charge and Bennett hits Lashley. EC3 pins Bennett with a sunset flip and then a brawl breaks out. The locker room comes out to separate them before Corgan comes down and makes Road for Glory – next week’s show with a captain’s tag Lethal Lockdown to see who picks the stips for the main event at BFG. Well, all of that came out of nowhere.


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