WWE Raw Recap for 9/26/16 (Owens and Jericho vs. Cass and Enzo, Reigns vs. Rusev)

Roman comes out to face Rusev in a US Title rematch. Long rest holds once again permeate the action. A Rusev superkick misses and leads to a back elbow, but it eventually hits for 2. They fight around ringside and then into the crowd for a double countout. A chair gets involved, Roman hits a spear and sits over Rusev holding the title high. Cesaro and Sheamus whine and moan about last night. Foley tells them that they will get a title shot – the tag team titles, against whoever wins the tag title match.


New Day comes out to face The Club. Gallows lariats Kofi in the floor with a sick landing. E hits a slick belly to belly on Karl. Kofi eats the steps and gets sliced open. Karl lands a flying neckbreaker off the top. Magic Killer hits, but Kofi dives in for a save. Kofi hits a DDT and lands Trouble in Paradise to win. Foley begs Cesaro and Sheamus to team up – so he gives them a trial match.


Bayley comes out to face Anna Fields. Bayley squashes her and wins with the Bayley to belly. Mick and Steph talk about HHH and she tells Mick that HHH was in the air during the show. Cedric and Swann team up against Lince Dorado and Drew Gulak. Cedric and Swann are all about dancin! Lots of fast action by Lince and Swann with armdrags and headscissors. Lince moonsaults onto the pile, but the Lumbar Check hits, but Drew’s Saito suplex takes him out. Rich Kick hits and Swann wins with a sunset flip into a jackknife cradle. Cesaro and Sheamus beat up jobbers and have a game of one upsmanship over who can destroy the jobbers more.


Charlotte insults Sasha, who comes down and beats up Dana. Tony Nese comes out to face TJ Perkins and his awesome chiptune theme. Kendrick faces TJ next week in a title rematch. Tony looks fairly strong here, but isn’t shining as much as he did in the CWC. Nese catching him off the tornado DDT was nice though, as was the follow-up knee for 2. Detonation Kick and the kneebar get the win. Jericho and Owens talk about Seth taking out Sting and Balor, and being the most dangerous man in WWE – but Owens took him out, so now he is the most dangerous man! Seth is pissed, but held back by security. Enzo and Cass come out to face Owens and Jericho. Cass is made to look really strong, while Enzo was a face in peril for a while. DDG hits and gets 2, but a lariat and powerbomb get the win for Owens.


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