DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: The Flash #7 Reveals Godspeed’s Origin & Is Wally West Finally Kid Flash Heading Into Teen Titans Rebirth #1?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review for The Flash #7 follow.

This issue focused on new villain Godspeed as seen on the first cover and…


…includes a whole lot on Wally West’s journey to become Kid Flash as seen on the variant cover; a journey that culminates (eventually) in this week’s slightly-in-the-future set Teen Titans Rebirth #1


The Flash #7 opens with August Heart explaining how he became Godspeed and how the death of his brother shaped his views for vengeance not justice.


Godspeed is a fascinating character as he can be in twi places at once in the present; he’s that fast. Faster than the Flash.


He also reveals his motivating and efforts to steal the speedforce power from all the new speedsters in the DC Rebirth ‘verse.


However, we also see a weakness for Godspeed; being in two places at once weakens him naturally.


In the same issue, Wally West finally reveals to the Flash that he has speed powers.


He’s seemingly had some power for some time, but the recent events have grown them.


Wally West, not yet Kid Flash, and the Flash have a plan to siphon the speedforce powers of the new speedsters, if they willingly give them up, so that they can take on Godspeed.


Barry Allen cannot alone absorb these powers for some reason so he and Wally west will.


Godspeed crashes the party literally.


He tells Barry Allen that he’s sought and he never should have locked up villains at Iron Heights penitentiary. Godspeed will fix all that as…


…he’ll step out for a sec and kill all the villains at Iron Heights.


BRB Flash! Wow.


A pretty dynamic issue. Well drawn, as the pages crackle with energy, and a plot that hits stride for this ongoing arc. Great issue and we have movement onb Wally West’s journey to become Kid Flash.

In fact, the team book that Wally West as the soon-to-be Kid Flash hits stands this week too with Teen Titans Rebirth #1!


With Damian Wayne, Robin, as team leader.


Fun times.

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