Lucha Underground S3 E4: Brothers in Broken Arms – New Episode Premiere, Ongoing Live Coverage Featuring Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Sexy Star, Fenix, Johnny Mundo, Drago, PJ Black & Many More!


Believers, tonight is one of those nights where many will band together, but at least ONE will fall. Welcome to tonight’s live coverage of Lucha Underground! As usual, the show is stacked, but with many interesting twists and turns. But what do you expect from the Temple?

Last week, Temple Proprietor Dario Cueto inked tonight’s main event: El Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. with Rey Mysterio, Jr. as the guest referee! Recall that El Dragon Azteca wanted Pentagon Dark as payback for breaking his arm at Ultima Lucha Dos. Dario Cueto scoffed at the idea, and Rey Mysterio knows his mentee is nowhere near ready to face the embodiment of darkness that lies within the Temple. Will El Dragon Azteca be at the top of his game with his mentor in the ring? Or will Chavo Guerrero, one of the dirtiest players in the Temple’s history, find a way to sabotage the matchup? Stay tuned for this mad interesting main event!

TONIGHT it's Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs El Dragon Azteca Jr. with special guest referee, Rey Mysterio! Don't miss a BRAND NEW EPISODE of Lucha Underground, starting at 8p ET on El Rey Network!

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Rey Mysterio dons the stripes to referee our Main Event on a BRAND NEW EPISODE of Lucha Underground, TOMORROW at 8p ET on El Rey Network!

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In the wake of last week’s Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios title defense, the Worldwide Underground will face the current Trios Champs, the Super Friends, accompanied by Sexy Star! Also recall the poor chemistry and teamwork the Worldwide Underground had without Johnny Mundo commanding the team last week. Hopefully Jack Evans got his nap in! But prepare for absolute lucha madness in this ATOMICOS MATCH!

The Worldwide Underground face off against the Trios Champs and Sexy Star in an ATOMICOS MATCH, on a BRAND NEW EPISODE of Lucha Underground, TOMORROW at 8p ET on El Rey Network!

Posted by Lucha Underground on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cortez Castro, the undercover agent for Captain Vasquez, is still out for revenge for his fallen brother and one of the most underrated luchadors on the Temple roster, Mr. Cisco. Stay tuned for more on his storyline tonight!

Cortez Castro is on a mission. Watch him on Lucha Underground, Wednesdays at 8p ET on El Rey Network!

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But that’s not all! Prince Puma makes his OFFICIAL in-ring return TONIGHT! Will he continue to follow Vampiro’s advice (or demands, rather?) and face Pentagon Dark?! Either way, be sure to give Prince Puma a big Believer welcome home to the Temple!

Prince Puma makes his (official) return to the Lucha Underground ring on a BRAND NEW EPISODE, WEDNESDAY at 8p ET on El Rey Network!

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Here’s a refresher for last week’s episode! Stay tuned for last week’s episode’s full analysis!

  • Rey Mysterio had a training session with El Dragon Azteca, but Chavo Guerrero interrupted. What a guy.
  • Dario’s Dial of Doom made a return tonight! The Dial landed on The Mack, leading to a title shot with Dario’s brother, “The Monster” Matanza Cueto. Matanza won again this week via pinfall.
  • Son of Havoc is nursing his injuries with his mother and Mascarita Sagrada! Congrats to El Rey and LU for their sponsorship deal.
  • Dario paired Texano, Jr. and “The Machine” Brian Cage in an Ultimate Opportunity match! Cage defeated Texano via pinfall, but needs to a few more times… Because Texano and Cage will go head-to-head for a Best of Five Series!
  • Dario receives some interesting photographs in the mail and gives them to Reyes. Chavo comes in for a meeting.
  • Taya was Johnny Mundo’s replacement for the Trios title shot! However, Taya, “The Darewolf” PJ Black, and Jack Evans failed as a team in order to get their titles back. Jack sat like a child as Johnny Mundo came out after Aerostar got the win! But Sexy Star intervened and threw out the Worldwide Underground!
  • Rey Mysterio meets with Dario about El Dragon Azteca’s request for a match with Pentagon Dark. He makes a suggestion to Dario, and he loves it. He inks in tonight’s main event!

There you have it! Here’s tonight’s Twitter buzz!

Dang, spitting images here in this kickass fan art doodle!

Seeya at 8, Believers!

Time for lucha!

We get a recap of some past events – Pentagon Dark and El Dragon Azteca’s feud, plus Chavo Guerrero. Johnny Mundo wanting his singles push. Sexy Star and the current Trios Champs. Mr. Cisco’s undeserved fate. Prince Puma and Vampiro.

We’re backstage in the Temple. Sexy Star gazes upon her Gift of the Gods title. Dario Cueto comes in, calls her a warrior. She says she’ll never be afraid again, but Dario says, “I’d be, if I were you.”

She needs to prove that she’s truly not afraid. She will defend her Gift of the Gods title down the line – but not tonight. Tonight, she helps the current Trios Champs against the Worldwide Underground. He mocks her accent one last time before leaving. Mundo enters looking for Taya. Her and Mundo face off. He formally introduces himself. She shakes his hand.

He’s the next Gift of the Gods Champion. She watches him leave before kicking a locker in frustration.

The Chimpz are back again! Striker is in a good mood. It’s time for…

El Sinestro de la Muerte vs. Prince Puma!

The bell rings! They exchange strikes. They run the ropes. Leapfrogs by Puma. Puma gets hit. Puma counters. Sinestro is down. The crowd cheers. Sinestro is down again. He chops Sinestro. Puma takes advantage of his foe’s exposed back. Puma has full control.

He’s sent into the turnbuckle by Sinestro but Puma comes back with full force. Sinestro is in the corner. Sinestro catches Puma, sends him down. Control has been seized.

Cover, kick out by Puma. Sinestro has Puma, but he slips out. Suplexes by Puma. Cover, ALMOST three kick out by Sinestro. The crowd will not transfer their support from Puma.

Sinestro superkicks Puma. He’s sent down. Puma drags his foe across the ring.

Mil Muertes and Catrina appear! He interrupts the match!

But it continues. Sinestro leaps from the ropes but repositions his opponent! But he doesn’t go for the cover on Sinestro! He merely gazes upon Mil!

He delivers a flatliner while maintaining eye contact at Mil Muertes! Cover!

Winner: Prince Puma!

Puma leaps immediately after the win onto Mil Muertes!

Mil beats up Puma! Mil sends Puma back in the ring and Catrina tells Mil to save it! They leave the arena and Puma watches.

Time for a break!

We’re back! Cortez Castro comes in to see Dario Cueto. Dario hugs him.

Dario wanted to see how Castro was doing since Cisco’s death. He wants to find the man responsible. Jeez, Dario… You can hear Melissa announcing Castro’s match outside the office. “The show must go on.” Castro leaves to attend his match.

Cortez Castro vs. Pentagon Dark!

Oh man! I feel bad for Castro. His BFF dies and now he’s facing this guy…

Castro kicks Pentagon. Chop! They run the ropes. Castro knocks him down, sends him into a turnbuckle. He’s on the ropes, cornering Pentagon, striking him. Castro’s down. He kicks Castro in the hamstring. Pentagon stares a hole into Vampiro. PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!


Winner: Pentagon Dark!

Boi, he ’bout to do it! Castro’s arm = gone.

The crowd chants Cero miedo! Pentagon has the mic! “It doesn’t matter who wins…” He discusses Chavo Guerrero, El Dragon Azteca’s main event. He doesn’t care who wins. He doesn’t even respect his own mother! Because he’s Pentagon Dark! The winner of the main event wins the chance to face Pentagon Dark!

Time for a break!

Time for…

The Atomicos Match: The Super Friends (Fenix, Drago & Aerostar) (c) and Sexy Star (c) vs. Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Jack Evans & Taya)

Taya mocks Sexy Star. So much energy coming from each competitor!

Taya and Sexy want dibs! Sexy rolls across the ring. Taya flips her hair. They stare. Taya pushes Sexy’s face. They run the ropes. Sexy pushes Taya back into the ropes. Taya knocks Sexy down. She smiles.

Leapfrog by Sexy. She pulls down Taya’s hair! She corners Taya. Taya reverses the whip with her height advantage. Sexy sends away Taya.

Drago and Jack Evans! Jack shows off, per usual!

But he tags in PJ! PJ kicks Drago. Running the ropes. Checking the kick. Drago is quick. Drago has Aerostar help him but PJ knocks him down, but Aerostar is back like a comet.

PJ delivers great offense to Drago and Aerostar.

Mundo comes in! He kicks Aerostar. Mundo is getting tons of heat! Aerostar is isolated. He comes back. Sends him ’round.

Here comes Fenix!

He sends down Mundo! Mundo ducks a kick. But he doesn’t dodge another one. Fenix is too quick.

He kicks Mundo while he’s cornered. Sexy Star is in! He sends her into Mundo! She kicks him repeatedly!

BUT SHE’S CAUGHT IN THE WORLDWIDE UNDERGROUND! She’s in a bad spot! PJ has her now. Evans strikes her from a leap from the turnbuckles. Brown recluse.

Evans has her in the corner now. And again. Tag made to Taya. Elbows and hips to Sexy. Plus some knees.

Mundo strikes Sexy. He has her in the ropes! Ref breaks it up. PJ has her but Mundo accidentally kicks him instead of Sexy!

Sexy has control now! HERE COMES DRAGO!

Aerostar! Springboard codebreaker! Tornado DDT! Cover by Drago, but it’s saved!

Taya is in! Drago kicks her! Drago’s in the ropes, but PJ goes over! Sexy made a tag but no one acknowledges it. Aerostar leaps on PJ and sends him into the audience!

Mundo and Sexy Star! Fenix superkicks him! Sexy and Taya now! Taya misses Sexy and gets caught in the ropes! Evans gives it a try! She’s got him in a submission! He covers her!

Winners: The Worldwide Underground!

Taya appears to be injured outside of the ring! She clutches her leg and her teammates help her out. Sexy Star’s Friends help her in the ring. Despite that WU got the win, the Believers chant for Sexy Star.

We’re back after a break! Mil Muertes and Catrina are in their mystical candle room… For lack of a better phrase. It’s pretty though.

El Sinestro has failed her and Muertes for the last time… She breaks his neck. Lick of Death. WAIT DID THEY JUST KILL HIM OFF?!?!

She wants Mil to do the same exact thing to Prince Puma.

Time for…


El Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. with Guest Referee Rey Mysterio, Jr.!

Right after this break!

We’re back!

The crowd is crazy! Looks like they were preparing a lock-up but Azteca did a waistlock. Reversal. Chavo rolls through a wristlock but can’t get out. Okay, now Azteca is in Chavo’s headlock. “Too slow,” says Rey.

Azteca is on his feet now! Armdrag. Chavo’s on his back. Wink.

They create space. Azteca’s cornered. Strikes from Chavo. Azteca’s atop the turnbuckle but he defends it. Armdrag. They’re both on the mat now. Azteca’s going for an armbar but… Now Azteca’s in a submission from Chavo! Chavo’s on his feet and kicks Azteca’s head. They run the ropes. Chavo’s on the apron and Azteca kicks him! But Chavo has Azteca now and he runs him into the balcony gate!

Chavo puts Azteca back in the ring. Rey’s doing a good job as a ref. Chavo’s got control now. He strikes Azteca while he’s down and cornered. He places his boot on his neck, Rey breaks it up. Azteca’s back at it! Chop. Azteca leaps from the rope and sends Chavo away! Azteca is down from a clothesline. Booing from the crowd as Chavo covers Azteca. Kick out.

Submission by Chavo. Single leg crab by Chavo. Azteca reaches for a rope. He’s got it. Chavo claims Azteca tapped. Vampiro says he didn’t see one. Neither did Rey. Rey tells it like it is and the crowd pops. Chavo turns but punches Rey!

Rey punches him back!

Azteca cashes in and covers Chavo!

Winner: El Dragon Azteca, Jr.!

Chavo was excellent… Until Chavo’s anger issues got the best of him! Chavo comes for Rey but Rey outsmarts him! 619!

Rey and Azteca celebrate.

Cut to outside of the Temple. We’re with Black Lotus. She is out for blood with the Black Lotus Triad.

Sound off, Believers! What did you think of the ending of the main event? Should Rey be punished for delivering that second strike? Or is it entirely on Chavo?

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