PREVIEWS Roundtable – December 2016 – Featuring Star Wars Classified, Motor Crush, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, USAvengers & More!

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Phil Allen


I haven’t been reading the new Rebirth Suicide Squad book, mostly because I didn’t enjoy anything of the New 52’s various Squads. And though Justice League vs. Suicide Squad looks interesting enough, I’m confused why DC is calling it the first major Rebirth event storyline, as I thought that honor went to Batman’s “Monster Men”, out this month. Perhaps tie-ins will be out in months to come. Either way, I’ll give the first issue or two a try.

I am glad to see a DC Holiday Special coming back! I remember these from before New 52 days and have missed them since, both the Halloween and Winter specials. Also returning is Injustice: Gods Among Us, this time telling the stories during the first game and between its sequel.


Lately, I’ve been dropping Marvel titles here and there, but a new Hawkeye series starring Kate Bishop just might stay on the list for awhile. Another Star-Lord solo series, this time by Chip Zdarsky, sounds interesting enough. Star Wars Classified? Is that the title, or is all info secret so far? Either way I’m in.


The only thing that really caught my attention this time around was Rock Stars #1. I’ve been on a bit of a classic rock collecting binge lately and I always enjoy music in comics so this should be pretty cool. The other big book this month is Motor Crush, but honestly I wasn’t a big fan of Batgirl of Burnside, so I’m going to wait reviews come back for this.

Dark Horse:

I’ll be picking up Dark Horse Presents #29, but I have to admit it’s solely for more Black Beetle! I’ve been enjoying a  lot of John Arcudi’s work lately, between his Hellboy-verse contributions and Image’s Rumble, so Dead Inside #1 is on my list.


Star Trek/Green Lantern Vol. 2 #1. I enjoyed volume one more than I expected to, so I can’t miss this.

James Fulton


I guess things are really settling down now that the Rebirth books and Young Animal books are all out. There’s nothing new or noteworthy happening for me this month.


USAvengers sounds interesting, especially with Al Ewing as writer, but I’m not a fan of Paco Medina’s art, and don’t think I want to get this book because of it. I’d need assurances that it’s not as decompressed as every other book Medina’s ever drawn ends up being.

Captain Marvel – Yet another relaunch for this title means it’s time for me to give up.

Hulk – I think it’s cool that Jen Walters can drop the She- from her name and headline this title, but that doesn’t mean it appeals to me enough to buy it.

Likewise, there’s nothing about the relaunched Hawkeye or Nova titles that interest me.

Chip Zdarsky writing Star-Lord might be fun, but I prefer the more serious Peter Quill of the D’n’A Guardians. I’ll pass.

I hate that Marvel is promoting a new Star Wars title without saying who it’s starring or what it’s about. That said, Kieron Gillen’s name being on it is all I need to know I am going to order it anyway. Here’s hoping that the rumours are true and it will have Dr. Aphra in it!

I’m kind of surprised by how quickly I’m shedding Marvel comics from my pull file, as this cycle of relaunches replaces titles I enjoy with ones I don’t care about.


Motor Crush, from the recent Batgirl team, looks like it could be interesting. I do like Babs Tarr’s work.

This is not a very big month for Image at all, is it?


I’ve already gotten Divinity and Divinity II, so I guess Divinity III is a foregone conclusion. I’m not sure about the spin-off though; it sounds a little desperate.

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior is ending? That’s too bad, I’ve been enjoying it.


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