DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: DC Rebirth’s Teen Titans Rebirth #1 6th Member Revealed & Batman Beyond Rebirth #1 Major Cliffhanger!

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Phase one of DC Rebirth has come to a conclusion after eighteen weeks with several one-shot specials being released:

  • Week One saw the debut of DC Universe Rebirth #1 and its massive reveals (spoilers here)!
  • Week Two saw the debut of the critically acclaimed Batman Rebirth #1, Superman Rebirth #1, Green Lanterns Rebirth #1 and Green Arrow #1 (spoilers here).
  • Week Three greeted readers with Aquaman Rebirth #1, The Flash Rebirth #1 and Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 (spoilers here).
  • Week Four saw Titans Rebirth #1 hit stands anchored by a returning Wally West Flash (spoilers here).
  • Week Five was an extra “fifth week” of comics that saw no special DC Rebirth one-shot released.
  • Week Six saw Justice League Rebirth #1 had the New 52 Justice League accept the pre-Flashpoint Superman as Rebirth’s Man of Steel (spoilers here).
  • Week Seven saw Nightwing Rebirth #1, with a prominent Batman appearance, and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Rebirth #1 land on stands (spoilers here).
  • Week Eight saw Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Rebirth #1 and The Hellblazer Rebirth #1 one-shots make waves (spoilers here).
  • Week Nine saw Red Hood and The Outlaws Rebirth #1 focus in Red Hood and Batman’s relationship as Bizarro and Artemis are set to round out Rebirth’s dark trinity (spoilers here).
  • Week Ten had Suicide Squad Rebirth #1 explode on stands ahead of its film’s wicked weekend (spoilers here).
  • Week Eleven saw Deathstroke Rebirth #1 get the new namesake series off to a solid start (spoilers here).
  • Week Twelve had Supergirl Rebirth #1 hit stands with a very new status quo (spoilers here).
  • Week Thirteen had Blue Beetle Rebirth #1 brought back TWO Blue Beetles in Jaime Reyes AND Ted Kord (spoilers here).
  • Week Fourteen was an extra “fifth week” of comics that saw no special DC Rebirth one-shot released.
  • Week Fifteen saw the release of the rather amazing Cyborg Rebirth #1 and a pretty significant reveal impacting all of DC Rebirth (spoilers here).
  • Weeks Sixteen and Seventeen saw no special DC Rebirth one-shot released.

Week Eighteen has the last two DC Comics Rebirth one-shots for fandom: Teen Titans Rebirth #1 and Batman Beyond Rebirth #1!



Beyond these two special one-shots, their respective ongoing series debut issues come out on October 28th and each series will be monthly. The only other two ongoing series #1’s yet to be debut, that has been pushed into 2017, is Justice League America (a twice monthly series) and Super Sons (a monthly series).

Anyhow, onto the last two DC Rebirth one-shots of 2016!

Teen Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers and review follow.

Despite Wally West still on his journey to becoming Kid Flash in the pages of DC Rebirth’s the Flash, he is Kid Flash as Teen Titans Rebirth #1 hits stands.


He eats up a lot of this issue as we see other members of what will become the DC Rebirth edition of the Teen Titans being picked off by a mysterious adversary or adversaries.


Wally West is a hero and naturally whether a big crime or small one, he’s ready for action as Kid Flash.


He zips into action…


…he stumbles on what seems like someone down on his luck, but its a life model decoy of some kind and it sprays him with a mist that subdues him.


Kid Flash wakes up next to Starfire, Beast Boy / Changling and Raven. And their captors?


Damian Wayne, Robin the son of Batman, and his manbat Goliath.


Goliath is the sixth member of the Teen Titans!


A fast-paced plot with youthful art. THAT cliffhanger was amazing. How will Damian Wayne convince the Teen Titans to work with him let alone lead them? We’ll find out next month when Teen Titans #1 of the new ongoing series debuts at the end of October.

Batman Beyond Rebirth #1 spoilers and review follow.

This is no longer an older Tim Drake as Batman Beyond, but Terry McGinnis back in black. What makes this DC Rebirth’d Batman Beyond interesting is that it is set in the in-continuity future of DC Comics sometime before the Legion of Super-Heroes era.

The book opens with the origin of Batman Beyond including the mentorship of the original Batman, now retired, Bruce Wayne. It pretty much is a retelling of the animated TV series’ origin.






Then in modern-day, we see that the Jokerz gang has kidnapped Terry’s girlfriend Dana.


Batman Beyond leaps into action and learns that the Jokerz are…


…trying to revive the Joker?


Is this the classic Joker or the older Tim Drake who was the Joker in the Batman Beyond movie “Return of the Joker”?



Not sure how I feel about Terry McGinnis back in black, but I am intrigued enough to sample next month’s ongoing series debut issue. I do love this creative team so I may stay through the first arc. That cliffhanger with the Joker was a big plus.

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