Impact Review September 2016 (TNA’s fate and BFG go home show)

By the time I am finished writing this article, or by the time it’s posted on InsidePulse, the ownership of TNA may very well have changed hands. There could be a variety of new owners and fates that await TNA. Billy Corgan, Sinclair broadcasting and WWE could all potentially buy the business from a number of different shareholders, the biggest of which being Dixie Carter.

In terms of the fate of TNA/Impact Wrestling, that all depends who gets their hands on the company. If Dixie Carter remains in control, TNA could very well die, as it would seem current investors – such as Billy Corgan – will not fund the next set of tapings (Which include the Bound for Glory Pay per View) unless they purchase the company. Billy Corgan seems the best option, as the member of the Smashing Pumpkins would look to continue operations. Although this would involve a makeover, including changing the name of the company, which is much needed anyway.

Purchase of TNA by either WWE or Sinclair Broadcasting – who own ROH – would also likely lead to the end of the company operating, although in a much more dignified way than if Dixie refuses to sell. Sinclair seems to be interested so they can take over TNA’s TV contracts. This could mean ROH would have a much wider reach, including a deal which would seemingly allow them to broadcast in the UK, with Challenge TV, which is well over due. You’d imagine they’d also look to take some of TNA’s talents over to ROH.

WWE seemingly want TNA for two things. Firstly, some of the talents currently contracted to TNA; such as Matt and Jeff Hardy. Although the biggest reason, is their video library. This would mean WWE would no longer avoid the past of some of its stars; such as AJ Styles. Also meaning some awesome video packages, DVD’s and of course, Network content. You’d imagine that if WWE do purchase TNA, they’d allow the Bound for Glory Pay per View to take place. Allowing a proper ending point, a chance to possibly make an angle out of it, and producing a true end point for future DVD’s and Network series.

While the idea of watching old TNA on the network is awesome, I am hoping and praying TNA continues to operate through the control of Billy Corgan. Corgan has brought some really good attention to TNA since coming along, as well as some interesting ideas and his contacts with many in the music industry is a massive plus too. Additionally, Corgan seems to believe in TNA, believe in the talent and believes there is a family there. So it seems as though it won’t be long before we know TNA’s fate, by the time I write my next edition of this article – if there is anything to write about – we will know. I felt it was important to discuss the on goings regarding TNA’s future this week. However, we shall now move onto what happened on Impact this week.

This week was the go home show for the Bound for Glory PPV. The show had much of what you’d expect from a go home show: Some generally meaningless matches, promos, and a lethal lockdown? Yes, generally, especially in the WWE, you wouldn’t see matches that 1. Mean so much and 2. Are regarded as a speciality match, on the show before your big Pay per View. That does not necessarily make this a bad idea from TNA. TNA cannot afford to have a somewhat “boring” week on Impact, they need to offer hooks for every episode, making sure viewers tune in. Additionally, offering up such a hectic, action packed match the show before your big show sends a message. It says “Look at all this carnage and fun action happening here, you can see even more of this on Sunday”. This main event also offered up a story for the main event of Bound for Glory, not only is it now a no holds barred match, it offers up the question; Can EC3 beat Lashley? Especially when similarly to this week’s main event, Ethan can’t break Lashley submissions using the ropes, will he pass out again?

I said last week about how excited I am with Cody Rhodes – or as he must be referred to at the moment, Cody – joining Impact’s roster. It has been rumoured this week that Cody has joined on a short term basis, set to come in, feud with Mike Bennett and then move on. I hope this isn’t true, I’d love to see Cody stick around, as he can offer a lot to the roster, with a magnitude of possible matches. Time will tell, as sticking around in TNA could hinder Cody’s deal with ROH. However, Cody sticking around could be a great deal for both TNA and Cody, as long as TNA secures its future.

Everything with the Hardy’s in TNA this year has gotten crazier and crazier. It seems they continue to add more elements show after show. Decay are the perfect dance partners for the Hardy’s at the moment and adding Reby to the dynamic makes it even better. Giving Rosemary more to do, plus just adding more moving parts to an already hectic scene. I’m not sure what to expect at Bound for Glory at all between these two teams. It is being called ‘The Great War’ I don’t know what that is, is it another pre-tape? Or an in ring match? We know it is for the titles though, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be crazy though.

I guess I should do some predictions, so, I predict the following competitors will win their matches this Sunday: EC3, The Hardy’s, Maria, Moose, Aron Rex and the winner of Bound for Gold, Cody Rhodes. That is the Impact review for this week; hopefully I’ll be back next week, as long as there is a show to review.

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