Break The Walls Down: 8 WWE Tag Teams That Need Naming

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8 WWE Tag Teams That Need Naming

With the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic making a welcome return after it’s inaugural outing last year, tag team wrestling will very much be at the forefront of fan’s thoughts again. Despite not seeing an actual tag team make the final, the tournament threw up interesting dynamics. It created the Finn Balor / Samoa Joe feud, solidified American Alpha as up and coming heroes, propelled Ciampa and Gargano, and gave Rhyno a taste for teaming that has recently reaped benefits. Having announced some of the duos that will be entering the tournament, WWE has made it alarmingly clear that some of these individual pairings need solid tag team names. It has also highlighted that there are teams on the main rosters who are yet to receive an appellation. So you’re welcome WWE, because I’ve named them all for you.

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho
Isn’t it lovely when you can turn a colleague from work into your BFF? Having gained affection for each other through their mutual love of themselves, Canada and the word “it”, let’s face it, their coalition has catapulted Owens to becoming the longest reigning Universal Champion in history. While we have tentatively given them the epithet of JeriKO, it’s too similar to Y2J’s former tag names. Therefore, I’m plumping for The Two Man Power Gift. With a manifest wink to the epic union of Triple H and Stone Cold, Owens can bring the power, and Jericho is the gift. Drink it in maaaaaaannnn.
Name: The Two Man Power Gift

Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger
NXT threw up a bit of a shock when The Glorious One implored The Perfect 10 to aid him in his quest to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. It’s a great partnership, and there is absolutely only one name that could ever encapsulate their professional marriage.
Name: Glorious 10

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady
Arguably the most popular men on the roster right now, it’s a travesty that this team have yet to be named. Stalwarts of NXT and now key babyfaces on Raw, they deserve a moniker to match their prevalence. There’s a plethora of potential sobriquets thanks to the impressive deluge of trash talk that escapes Enzo on a weekly basis. It’s surprising that WWE haven’t developed a storyline around the Realest Men In The Room attempting to come up with a name for themselves. They’re big fans of listing options, eliciting the mammoth crowd reaction of “How you doin’?” in between each choice, so it’d be easy and, more importantly, entertaining, to devote some time to it. Although The Certified G’s would be an obvious choice, I’ve decided to reference their origins, as well as their Rocket Launcher finisher in a name that reflects their explosive enthusiasm.
Name: The Manhattan Project

Hideo Itami and Kota Ibushi
When Ibushi didn’t win the Cruiserweight Classic, fear coursed through the veins of all fans who hold WWE dear. Not because he wasn’t victorious, but because his semifinal loss suggested he hadn’t been signed On a permanent basis. He still hasn’t been, but with the looser rules on independent wrestlers appearing on the Network in this effulgent New Era, the Hard Hit Prince will thankfully return to our screens. While it may seem lazy to pair him with Itami, it’s also axiomatic. Strong style has taken over since the advent of Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka, and thanks to this popularity, Japanese stars are finally getting the chance to shine despite the language barrier. This is a great team, and as both already harbour nicknames pertaining to heavenly bodies, it seems wise to merge them. The Golden Star and The Black Sun become…
Name: The Golden Suns

Andrade Almas and Cedric Alexander
Despite Alexander being part of the Raw roster and teaming with fellow flyer Rich Swann, WWE bigwigs have seen fit to slap him together with Cien Almas for the tournament’s second edition. The former La Sombre has floundered somewhat since his exciting debut, perhaps overshadowed by the CWC, which he could very well have been a part of. Regardless, these two will be a bouncy, flippy, visual treat for your eyes to gorge upon. They have boundless energy and three A’s in their initials, so, like a genius, I’ve amalgamated these attributes and associated them to the world’s second most popular lithium battery. Triple H has publicly endorsed Alexander so it’s also a nice nod to him, even if it’s also the name of another wrestling company. Screw it, WWE can just buy them out. (See WCW, ECW and potentially TNA)
Name: AAA / Triple A

Sheamus and Cesaro
I joked that Sheamus and Cesaro should form a tag team and go after the titles. I joked that their Best Of Seven Series finale would end in a draw. Both things happened. And it wasn’t a joke. Yet, somehow, in one of the weirdest turn arounds in WWE history, it was actually pretty compelling. Now that these two hard hitting Superstars have been forced together it seems only proper to label them accordingly. Despite their cogent natures, the nations they emanate from are historically the exact opposite, hence the beautifully ironic…
Name: The Neutral Zone

Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss
Easily the greenest team so far announced for the Tag Team Classic, neither man has had much exposure to the WWE audience. Sabbatelli was, however, highlighted on Breaking Ground on the Network, and came across as affable and hard working, as well as super handsome. While it’s more than likely they’ll fall at the first hurdle, both come from a football background, and that’s what their tag name should allude to.
Name: TPS (Two Point Stance)

Heath Slater and Rhyno
The current Smackdown Tag Champs are a delightful oddball pairing, and oddball pairings should have a weird and whacky name to accompany them. There’s a ridiculous amount of choice given their respective pasts, as well as the lead up to their title win at Backlash. They could be The Social Incasts, Gore & Corre, 2MB, OMB2 (One Man Band and One Man Beast), Slaterhyno… But thanks to Heath’s latest acquisition after finally landing his contract, we have to settle on…
Name: Pool Party


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