Marvel & Netflix’s Luke Cage Recap Episode 3: “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?”


So we begin with the sound of gunshots in a building and a couch being thrown out of the window. Then we see Luke walking out of the shut up building with a duffle bag. Go to opening credits.

We come back to Luke and cottonmouth both separately morning for pop. Luke is angry obviously. Cotton mouth is just grumpy. Luke wants pop to have a good burial and cottonmouth offers to pay for it. Cottonmouth explains to Luke that it was one of his goons who did it and not him but Luke says Cottonmouth still has blood on his hands. Cottonmouth bribes the mortician’s to dispose of the body of the guy who actually killed pop.

At the hospital detective Misty and her partner Not Steve Buschemi  are questioning Chico. Chico is refusing to help them in any way and just wants to be let go. Misty gives up and leaves the room. Her partner uncuffs Chico and tell him he’s free to go. Misty runs into Luke in the hallway. He wants to go see Chico but Misty stops him. Misty is sure he’s connected to all of this somehow. Luke gets up in her face and tell her if she wants to question him she knows where he lives. She backs off.

Luke tells Chico that he needs to stand up and be a man and honor Pop’s memory. Chico is reluctant at first but then caves in and tells Luke where he can hit cotton mouth where it will hurt. After having a conversation in the barbershop with the chess player Luke decided he needed to hit cottonmouth hard without drawing attention to him or letting anybody know where cottonmouth could go find Revenge. So with Chico’s info we get a montage of Luke hitting all of cottonmouths minor operations so that cotton mouth will get all of his money and resources and take it to one big vault he has in his cousin’s political office.

Luke hits the place ridiculously hard, throwing bodies around but not actually killing anybody and when he gets to the Vault he takes only one duffel bag. This brings us back to where we came in in the cold open. Detective Misty examine the crime scene and realizes it had to be Luke. She and her partner argue over whether or not a vigilante is a good thing. Then her partner gets a call from Chico saying he’s willing to talk. He goes to meet Chico, and once he gets the information that Luke is responsible for hitting cottonmouths operations he kills Chico turns out he’s in cotton mouth pocket. He goes to cottonmouth personally and tells him that Luke Cage is the man he wants.

Luke returns to the barbershop and gives the chess player the money to get the barbershop running again. Then he goes back to Genghis Connie’s to have dinner and give his landlady the money he owes her. As she hugs him we see Cottonmouth on the rooftop across the street with a rocket launcher. The last thing we see is Luke saying “oh sweet Christmas” as he sees the rocket coming towards them and tries to save the landlady.

End of episode.

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