DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Green Lanterns #8 Reveals DC Rebirth’s Phantom Ring’s Origin & Green Lanterns #9’s Phantom Lantern Cover!



DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Green Lanterns #8 concerning the Phantom Ring and the Phantom Lantern!

We know from last issue and the teaser for this one that the Dominators, an alien race who will also be key to the cross-over this season among the CW’s four DC TV shows (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow), are also after the Phantom Ring in the DC Rebirth continuity.


The book them opens with Rami, the Rogue Guardian of the Universe, contemplating the origin of the Phantom Ring. How he created it and the reaction of the other Guardians of the Galaxy set in the past as a flashback.


Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, Earth’s rookie and only official Green Lanterns find Rami breaking his contemplation.


Rami is upset as he feels that if they found them they would have led the Dominators to him as well. We gets some un-Guardian like language to boot!


And, sure enough the Dominators find him and shoot him down!


Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz do some Green Lantern ring-slinging and save Rami from the Dominators as some neighborhood children look on.


We then get more past reflection on the Phantom Ring and ye olde Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s revealed that Ramo was excommunicated over his creation of the Phantom Ring that anyone can wield.


Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz work to convince to Rami to let them help him to protect the ring…


…he agrees and we get hints of how powerful an excommunicated Guardian of the Galaxy can still be.


Someone very human is also stalking the Phantom Ring; he craves that power… whatever that power is.


We then get a peek at next issue’s cover, Green Lanterns #9, that shows that person or perhaps someone else wielding the Phantom Ring.


Is it the same person that is on the cover of Green Lanterns #12? That cover is below.



I’ve been eager to see more from this Phantom Ring subplot that blows up into the next Phantom Lantern arc. I wasn’t a fan of the Red Lanterns as the main foils for the first DC Rebirth arc for Green Lanterns, but I am all-in for this Phantom Lantern arc. Simon and Jessica are refreshing as Green Lanterns. This is the only Green Lantern family book I read; I was an anomaly in the New 52 that found Sinestro the best of the Green Lantern family books and only read that. So, I continue my counter culture ways by favoring Green Lantersn in Rebirth. Great story by Humphries and great art by Rocha on this issue. Highly recommended! 9.5 out 10.

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