Marvel & Netflix’s Luke Cage Recap Episode 6; “Suckas Need Bodyguards”


A local Harlem talk radio show is discussing the pros and cons of Luke’s impact on the city as we watch Luke jog all over town. Opinions are naturally divided, but the radio host is very pro Luke. Meanwhile Cottonmouth meets with Misty’s crooked partner to give him back his impounded guns but stupidly tries to hold him up for more money and ends up shot for his troubles.

The councilwoman is doing a video talking about her belief in Harlem. Luke pays her a visit to let her know he’s shutting her and her cousin down. Then he meets Bobby the chess guy to discuss what to do about the barbershop. Bobby thinks he could make a career out of being a hero for hire. Luke thinks he ain’t one.

Councilwoman is bitching Cottonwood out for shooting the dirty cop. He assures her he has everything under control. She tells him to take Cage out. He reminds her Luke is bulletproof, and she says drown him then. Cottonwood thinks she sounds an awful lot like their mobster gramma. Cottonwood calls the sarge to fill him in about shooting the cop, and Claire sees Luke at the diner. Luke doesn’t remember her at first but when he does they sit down and talk. Luke doesn’t like being different. Claire thinks he’s amazing. Luke gets awkward and bails.

At the police department, the LT peptalks the squad to find Scarfe the crooked cop after his blood was found by his bullet riddled car. She pairs Misty with the sarge to track him down dead or alive. Claire follows Luke back to the barbershop where they find Scarfe bleeding, begging Luke for help. Claire starts treating his wounds while Misty does her Will Graham shtick at Scarfs apartment and sarge makes fun of her for it. We find out about Scarfe’s personal tragedy and why he is how he is.

Claire does her best for Scarfe but one bullet pierced his liver and she can’t treat it in a barbershop. Luke wants info for shelter. Scarfe gives him info including the truth about Chico. Luke is tempted to kill him for it but Claire talks him down. Luke is about to leave but Scarfe promises he can put Cottonmouth in jail til he dies. He tells him about Cottonmouth’s deal with the mortuary, every cop on his payroll

The councilwoman readies for her video while Luke sneaks into Scarfe apartment to get all his notes on Cottonmouth. Misty notices movement and she runs in to check it out. A dog barks and Luke herds the warning, but Misty still spots him running from the alley after jumping out the window. He returns to the barbershop and he and Claire take Scarfe to 1PP, figuring that any cops on Cottonmouth’s payroll will be out in the streets looking for Scarfe.

Cottonmouth tells his new right hand man to put a bounty out on Scarfe. It isn’t long before a car full of gangstas spots Claire mom’s van and pursues to kill Scarfe. Car chase ensues and Luke pulls into an alley. The goon squad fill the van with bullets but Luke and Claire are already gone with Scarfe. Misty hears the report of shots fired near 1PP but Sarge Perez won’t let her go. She immediately figures out why and cons him into admitting his corruption and cuffs him.

Councilwoman Dillard is giving her live interview when the reporter blindside her with her criminal family, gramma and uncle and cousin, the gunfight at her offices where Cottonmouth’s money was seized, and asks her which side of Harlem she really stands for. Dillard shuts the interview and kicks the news crew out.

The goons catch up with Luke and he shields Claire and Scarfe before handing them their asses. He catches up with them just in time to save them from being run over. Misty arrives and tries to help keep Scarfe alive but he dies in her lap. His notes still get to the right people and Cottonmouth is arrested and perpwalked out of his own club, and the reporter quickly barrage Dillard for her opinion.

Claire and Luke are walking and Claire tries to convince him he’s a hero, but he’s thinking about leaving Harlem now that he got Cottonmouth off the streets. She convinces him to think about staying and doing good. Meanwhile Misty is at her desk grieving for Scarfe when her LT comes in and tells her the brass is afraid to follow through on Scarfe info because of the scandal. Maybe now she’ll stop being so blindly loyal to the system she trusts to work that really just doesn’t. End of episode.

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