Marvel & Netflix’s Luke Cage Recap Episode 8; “Blowin’ Up the Spot”


Claire is trying to pull the Judah bullet out of Luke’s stomach as the ambulance arrives. The shooter follows in a humvee but turns off so he can ram it from the side. Opening credits.

The shooter waits for Luke to get out of the ambulance and quotes the Warriors. Luke knows him. He’s about to shoot again but runs when he hears sirens. Shades is coaching Dillard about how to act after they clean up, juxtaposed with Misty going over the crime scene. Misty questions Dillard who has completely changed clothes and a waitress claims Cage did it. Misty is justifiably skeptical, given he was with Luke when the murder happened.

Dillard vilified Luke to the press, and Misty watches helplessly, since she can’t be Luke’s alibi without getting herself in her new LT’s cross hairs even worse. Claire gets Luke to some kind of doctor office, and they try to get the bullet out. Misty questions the waitress and Cottonwood sleazy lawyer shows up. Misty knows her story is shit, but the lawyer drags her out. Misty tries to question Dillard, but Dillard stonewalls her. Her LT interrupts and tells her to focus on Cage.

Claire is giving Luke an ultrasound to find the shrapnel, when Misty calls, trying to trace his location. Shades tells Cottonmouth’s crew he’s in charge now. Misty shows up to where Luke is and tries to arrest him after getting the call that yellow dish gloves with Cottonmouth’s blood on them were found at the barbershop. Before she can cuff him, Claire sees a sniper dot and warns Misty to get down as the mystery man opens fire. Misty goes after him but he comes to the window. Luke pulls him in but freezes upon recognizing him. Misty comes back just in time to be a hostage so Luke can get shot again. T shooter drags Misty outside but when she refuses to act scared he pistol whips her. Luke goes after him, and we learn he’s called Striker and is apparently the reason Luke was in jail and tortured there.

Striker makes the mistake of rambling about why he hates Luke and why Luke supposedly deserves everything when he has a clear shot at Luke, and his mistake let’s Luke get an opening. They fight themselves bloody and almost unconscious in a gaudy church. Misty questions Claire, and STILL refuses to think clearly and ends up attacking Claire when Claire refuses to back down from alibi’ing Luke. Her LT stops her and Claire walks out.

Dillard pays off the waitress but tells Shades to kill her if she folds. She goes home and sits at her desk to see a photo of Mama Mabel, and lies to herself that she’s not like her. Luke stumbles down a street but Striker catches up to him. Luke tries to talk him down but Striker shoots him right into the back of a garbage truck. End of episode.

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