WWE NXT 10/5/15 Recap (Revival vs. Almas/Cedric in the Dusty Classic)

The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic returns, and the Bollywood Boyz come out as the first entrants in the tournament to face the Authors of Pain. AOP demolishes them and wins with the high/low Russian legsweep. Dan Matha hype video airs – he’d have been right at home in the WBF. Rich Swann comes down to face Patrick Clark. Clark comes out with a flamboyant gimmick – leaving Swann dumbfounded. The fans sing Swann’s theme and we get a series of tumbling routines to start. Swann hits a spinkick and hits a corkscrew splash to win.


We see WWE.com footage of Liv being treated after her match and being mocked by the two heels on the NXT women’s roster – Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. Peyton’s out to face Danielle Kamela, who gets absolutely no reaction. Royce dominates her in the corner, but eats a bad-looking handspring elbow. Peyton hits an awful kneelift and wins with a snap fisherman’s suplex, called a Northern Lights Suplex by Tom. Perfectly Glorious talk to Charly. Well, Roode talks and Tye tries to, but gets talked over. They’ll face Sanity, who Roode doesn’t care about – all he cares about is The Glorious Ten.


Dan Matha comes out to very slow, bland music in all-white – so he looks like a giant dude wrestling in his underwear. Joe destroys him. Swann and No Way Jose dance and sing backstage. Sanity debuts next week. THANK GOD! Almas comes out to team with Cedric Alexander against The Revival. The faces dominate for a bit with flash, but The Revival’s tag team offense gives them control. A Northern Lights Suplex gets 2 on Almas. Almas shoves the heels together and Cedric gets 2 off a jackknife cover! Cedric avoids some tandem offense, but eats the Shatter Machine – so the champs move on. Almas beats the daylights out of Cedric after the match.


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