Marvel & Netflix’s Luke Cage Recap Episode 13; “You Know My Steez


Season finale begins and we open to a flashback from Luke and Striker’s youth, with Striker training Luke to box for a city championship. Back to the present and they’re fighting. Striker is wearing a Hammertech suit so he can go toe to toe with Luke. Opening credits roll and they fight out into the street. Misty tries to clear the street while they fight. Meanwhile Dillard knows her arrest is inevitable so she gets prepared to spin this. Claire is sitting with her mom getting restless wanting to go help Luke. Candice wants to help too but Claire convinces her to stay put, then leaves to help Luke. Striker taunts Luke as more teenage boxing training flashbacks are interspersed, and Luke is getting his ass handed to him.

The gathering crowd is rooting for Cage and Striker’s public display of brutality is proving Luke innocent. The audience is growing and swat shows up. Misty tries to stop them but they’re determined to kill Luke as soon as they have a clear shot. He mocks Luke’s mom and the crowd boos. Dillard spins to the media and Luke tries to talk Striker down, but Striker charges up his falcon punch and pummel Luke. The crowd begs him to not give up, and he sees Claire in the crowd urging him on. The Crowd starts chanting his name and he gets back up. He fights back and says he is NOT his brothers keeper.

Misty arrests Dillard and stops swat from shooting Luke. Claire gives Luke a hanky for his wounds. But there are still 30 minutes left in the episode so no way this is all over so neatly. Misty still needs to bring him in for a statement. Bobby tells them Pop’s will be famous for years. Candice and Claire’s mom watch the news and Misty texts Candice.

The LT talks to Luke and Claire mentions her attorney friend. Misty and LT talk about Dillard, who is not happy about being processed. She ominously says this ends here. Misty interviews Luke and everything comes out. Misty asks why he didn’t come to her and why he did what he did. He says he didn’t know her and then gives a really good speech about Harlem and Black creativity and proud spirit that I win even try to recap, you need to just see it for yourself. He asks for a takeout menu because he’s starving.

Dillard lies through her teeth trying to spin her way out, now trying to frame Striker for Cottonwood murder, claiming he forced her to frame Luke. Misty comes in and calls her on her bullshit. Misty does her Will Graham thing as she recounts the physical evidence that proves forensically that Luke had nothing to do with it, that proves she did. She plays the recording of Candice telling the truth, and tells Dillard she has no choice but to deal. Dillard is defiant to the end, but the police tech interrupts her to tell her someone used her phone to lure Candice out. Shades killed her and Dillard gloats. With Candice dead the case is circumstantial at best and Dillard walks.

The LT blames Misty for it and says it isn’t the broken system but Misty not trusting her that got Dillard freed. Which is complete bullshit but it still stings Misty. Claire and Luke chat over Chinese food and flirt. Luke sees Dillard being released and she gloats her arrogant ass off. Misty explains why Dillard is going free, and Luke says Shades will talk, but a pair of US Marshalls show up to arrest Carl Lucas after Dillard outed him on tv. He surrenders peacefully and kisses Claire goodbye. She says she’ll call her “lawyer friend”. Dillard sees the Marshalls lead Luke away and grins arrogantly at him.

The Marshalls discuss book with Luke and drive off with him swearing hell prove his innocence, Misty sadly looks at Candice in the morgue, and Bobby finds the file proving Striker famed Luke in the barbershop.  Shades and Dillard kiss and gloat at the club as they look over their new empire as Misty shows up to watch them, while Striker is comatose, all interspersed with beautiful footage of Harlem landmarks at night.

And That’s where we end Season 1.

I absolutely loved this series. It’s proudly unflinchingly black and told a damn good story. Now we wait for Iron Fist in most likely January. See you all then!

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