NYCC 2016 & DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Newest & 3rd Version Of Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #1 Cover Reveals A DC Rebirth!

New York Comic Con 2016 (NYCC 2016) and DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow.

DC Comics has revealed the new cover to Justice League vs Suicide Squad #1.


The two originals looked like below.

First this.

Justice League vs Suicide Squad #1 mini-series A

Then this.


Now this.


Did you notice that Captain Boomerang appears alive on the cover? Does this mini-series take place before the current continuity or is he back from the dead?

In addition the price point is being lowered to $3.99 despite the kick off issue at least having 40 pages.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1 hits stands December 21, 2016 for six week straight into January 2017 and also cross-over into Suicide Squad #9 and #10 plus Justice League #12 and #13. The mini-series also kicks of the new twice monthly shipping Justice League of America which includes this mini’s Killer Frost who gets parole from the Suicide Squad.

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