The TRA Open Standings – Post WWE No Mercy 2016 PPV

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Some important notes: I put up the Open earlier this week, where they had Curt Hawkins .vs. TBD listed on Wikipedia. Obviously, this match never happened and I didn’t even know Curt Hawkins was with WWE, so no points available there. Also, Nikki Bella’s match was not listed so no points there, ditto with the Tag clusterfuck, and Becky Lynch was injured, so no points there either. 

The Lynch thing isn’t really my fault, by my apologies for the rest – I tried to put up the Open ahead of time to be proactive, but I guess Fridays may be a better option if they’re going to add shit at the last second. Again, my apologies. 


Congrats to Widro for taking first place!

Scott Clark jumped up to 2nd!

Sawyer falls to 3rd…




Thanks everyone for playing! 33 people and with more points for matches, it’s easier to catch up and should make this even more interesting.

See everyone for the next PPV!

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