10 thoughts on NXT – Dan Matha, Bollywood Boyz, Samoa Joe, The Revival

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1. It’s NXT time and let me start with an apology for the irregular schedule recently – school holidays and creepy clowns have been taking up much of my time. We kick off with a handy recap of last years Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic, as the first round of the 2016 Classic starts tonight.

2. Our first match of the night and the Classic is the Bollywood Boyz (Gurv and Harv from the CWC) taking on the Authors of Pain, accompanied by Paul Ellering. Total squash match with the Boyz getting in zero offense. I really hope the Authors don’t dominate the Tag Classic, because they still sort of suck in the ring.

3. Hey, Nathan Jones is back! No, wait. That’s Dan Matha, and he debuts on NXT tonight!

4. Next up the always entertaining Rich Swann is facing the seldom entertaining Patrick Clark, now dressed like Prince because why not? Despite showing some improvement in the ring and working hard to get his new gimmick over, Clark is still short on charisma, while Swann is at the opposite end of the scale. Swann picks up the win with a running moonsault.

5. Recap of the great Cien Almas/Cedric Alexander match from a couple of weeks ago, and this new and slightly unlikely team is taking on The Revival later tonight! I’m sure that will go well for C&C…

6. Asuka beat up Liv Morgan last week and then called out anyone in the locker room. Now Peyton Royce is here, accompanied by her new mean girl friend Billie Kay. Royce is taking on the debuting Danielle Kamella, who gets in some basic offense early before Peyton starts to wear her down. Royce plays the cocky, vicious heel well, and her new partnership with Billie Kay has potential for both of them. Peyton picks up the win with a bridging suplex.

7. Interview with Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger about their tag team match next week, and this team-up is giving both men a chance to shine. They’re facing Sanity next week, who don’t really look that threatening from what I’ve seen so far.

8. Dan Matha is a weird looking dude and covered in acne that I’m sure has nothing to do with juicing. Samoa Joe comes out and attacks Matha, making him look like a total jobber. Joe spouts some tough guy poetry and calls out William Regal, demanding a rematch with Shinsuke Nakamura.

9. Our main event tonight is NXT tag champs The Revival taking on the new team of Cien Almas and Cedric Alexander, but only after an interview with another random team; No Way Jose and Rich Swann.

10. Pretty good match, but I must admit I find Dash & Dawsons old school style boring as hell. Cien and Cedric work well together until The Revival’s experience allows them to take control with some punches and kicks, which is pretty much all The Revival do these days. Revival pick up the win with the Shatter Machine on Alexander. Overall a good episode of NXT, and the Dusty Classic promises the next few weeks will only get better.

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