WWE Raw Recap 10-10-16 (Seth vs. Jericho)

The show opens with a recap of Sasha’s title win and she comes out and cuts a promo. Eddie was her hero growing up and he gets a big chant the day after his birthday. She wants Charlotte inside the Cell and we’ll seemingly get that at the PPV. Rusev and Lana come down and he declares that he is the main event wherever he goes, but Charlotte takes his mic. Everyone argues and then Roman comes down. Boy what a cluster. New Day comes down and cut a promo on Cesaro and Sheamus. New Day have added signs to their list of comedy now. Cesaro is here to face Kofi, while Sheamus is on Facebook. Solid back and forth match here, but nothing amazing. Sheamus shoves Woods down, but gets knocked down by Big E and then Cesaro gets cradled due to the distraction and loses.


Heyman is hyped up to respond to Bill Goldberg’s ESPN comments. Bayley’s out to face a jobber, and beats her. Dana attacks her on the stage. Truth and Jericho do a wacky skit involving Payday bars. Lince Dorado and Sin Cara team up to face Tony Nese and Drew Gulak. This was a showcase for the luchadors, who shined with suicide dives while Dorado won with a spinkick and impressive shooting star press. Mick wears a flannel suit and meets with Stephanie backstage, and then again mid-ring to finalize the Charlotte-Sasha match.


Jeri-KO come out to complain about KO being put in a Cell match. Stephanie makes Jericho vs. Seth and if Jericho wins, he can be added to the title match at the PPV. Steph takes credit for this and then steals Mick’s “have a nice day” catchphrase after he praises her. Bo and Axel reunite on the Raw pre-show. They would get killed by the Certified Gs, but The Club jump them. Neville and Sami team up to face Bo and Axel. Boy what a gulf in talent this match has. Helluva kick and the Red Arrow get the win.


Golden Truth are shown on a WWE.com video being played by the Shining Stars, but they get insulted by Titus. Titus tells Truth he’ll make it a win and tells Goldust to shut up. They have a largely bad match and Truth wins with a schoolboy. Kendrick stews backstage before TJP comes in and tells him to hit the pause button and reflect. TJ tells him he’d give Brian a shot no matter what – and he thanks Brian for picking him up for matches and even buying him a new N64. He wants to see THE Brian Kendrick back, so Kendrick goes to cheapshot him, but TJ fights back and takes him out. How about that – a babyface standing up for himself. Cool stuff.


Stephen and Clay Splash are easily the silliest jobbers to face Bruan since James Ellsworth. Splash Bros. get squashed. Roman and Sasha vs. Rusev and Charlotte is up. Rusev and Sasha dominate the start and Roman sends Rusev over the top with a lariat. Sasha gets the Bank Statement while Roman hits the spear and Sasha beats her once again – so she’s doomed in the Cell. Jeri-KO tell Tom/Todd that a win from either of them in Cell makes both of them the Universal Champion and NOW TOM’S MADE THE LIST!


Goldberg is shown on Sportscenter saying that he doesn’t owe Brock a rematch and he already beat him before – but if he did come back, he’d want that match. Heyman says that every time someone gets on a roll, they’re inevitably compared to one man – Goldberg. Goldberg won titles, defeated legends, and everyone he beat was victimized and conquered! In that sense, he’s like Brock – but the loss still haunts Brock and Heyman. Heyman challenges Goldberg to a fight, one on one, Beast vs. The Myth, anywhere, anytime – Brock vs. Goldberg!



Emmalina hype video. Kendrick sits with the announcers to do commentary for TJ Perkins vs. Ariya Daivari. These guys should have a good match – but they’re in the death slot on the show. They have a matwork-heavy match with a bit of flying sprinkled in. TJP wins with the kneebar, which is paralleled with the bully choke of Kendrick for their PPV match. Steph and Jericho has a brief meeting. Tito Santana video for Hispanic Heritage Month airs. Jericho and Seth are out for the main event. Jericho keeps the match at his pace, but Seth sprinkles in his flying spots that usually miss. The Phoenix Splash misses big-time and gives Jericho the chance to lock on the Walls once, but a second attempt results in a cradle win for Seth. After the match, Jericho and KO go after Seth, but KO bails and Jericho eats a Pedigree. Solid stuff for the Universal Title match, but it doesn’t feel like the true main event – the Goldberg-Brock build easily outshines it.

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