DC Comics Spoilers & Review: The Flash #8 Debuts Wally West As Kid Flash & Reveals Godspeed’s Fate In DC Rebirth!

The day is finally here!



DC Comics Spoilers and Review follow for The Flash #8!

The book opens with Godspeed trying to make good on this threat to kill all the inmates in Iron Heights.


The Flash, despite Godspeed being established as faster than him and literally being able to be at two place sat once, use the Speed Force against Godspeed stopping his rampage! The last line on this pages where Godspeed says the Flash is all alone was a bit tongue-in-cheek and was followed by Wally West’s return to help Barry Allen and later finally accepting his destiny.


Here comes DC Rebirth’s Kid Flash!


In the battle that ensues, Godspeed is jealous of the Flash’s new partner and the Flash seemingly kills Godspeed, but…


…looks may be…


…decieving. He subdued him by removing the air around him.


The Flash takes Godspeed to Iron Heights. He insists he still wants to help the Flash and that is why he won’t reveal to the world that he’s really Barry Allen.


He also knows who the head of the Black Hole and will keep that secret for now knowing Barry Allen will come back to him because he will need Godspeed’s help in the future.


Wally West also reveals himself as a speedster and Kid Flash to his Aunt Iris. However, I seem to recall Iris West was biracial in the DC Rebirth era, but I could be wrong. This Iris West looks positively Caucasian.


The books ends with the Flash training his new Kid Flash.


All the while Barry Allen is visited by…


…his speedster love Meena who died earlier in this arc? Is she alive the Speedforce, is she is a ghost or is she something else?


This all sets up the Kid Flash of Two Worlds issues next time in the Flash #9.

DC Comics Rebirth The Flash #9 The Kid Flash of Two Worlds DC Universe Rebirth #1 sequel


A fun issue with more epilogue, human moments and fallout from this opening Godspeed arc, than the actual subduing of Godspeed. Great art and solid story. A strong 8 out of 10 from me.

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