TNA Impact Wrestling 10-13-16 (Moose vs. Lashley, Maria vs. Gaiil)

The show starts with a recap of Lashley’s two year reign of terror and Rex’s title win. Eddie vs. Lashley is recapped and Eddie comes out to cut a promo. He gets a “you deserve it” chant and breaks up the “Wolves Nation” and thanks the fans. He invites Lashley to a rematch and he responds by choking him out on the mat before Eddie fights back before eating a spear. Moose and EC3 chase Lashley off while Josh ponders all the goings on – including Maria vs. Gail Kim, Rex vs. Godderz, and Cody vs. Mike Bennett.

Rex comes down and we go backstage to the Tribunal demanding to talk to Billy Corgan, before Aiden ‘O Shea blocks them. The former French Stallion and Marcus Louie act like bigshots and Aiden acts like they’re complete unknowns…well, he’s not wrong. Corgan and Aiden chat with JB about how Corgan has a problem with Lashley attacking Eddie and he nixes Lashley’s automatic rematch. If Lashley wants a shot, he has to beat the winner of tonight’s main event – which he’ll figure out now. Jessie dominates with a lot of matwork for round 1 and wins that. More basic matwork that never gets out of first gear for round 2 – but Godderz wins that round too. Rex gets dropkicked to the floor near the judges and their stools. Boy what a silly visual. Godderz lets him in, but Rex sends him out and cheapshots him as he comes in with a boot before hitting the discus elbow to win.


Aiden talks to Lashley about how they’ve reached a compromise. The Broken Hardys talk about the Great War and usher in the Broken Era tonight. Allie and Maria meet and Allie tells her that she has a big e-mail – Allie is banned from ringside, Sienna is banned, and so is Laurel. Allie has a SUPER-GOOD IDEA – Maria can win on her own. Allie is easily one of the best parts of the show. Lashley talks smack to EC3 and Moose backstage before the Hardys come down.

Matt says goofy things and then Nero sings the Obsolete song. Matt talks about how their next foes will be determined tonight. Josh and Pope ponder things before the Tribunal jump the Hardys. Their new all-black getup kind of works for them – it’s a step up from being Al Snow’s lackeys in 2016. We get a fairly boring Cody vs. Bennett hype video with them just talking back and forth. Maria and Mike come out while Cody has Brandi by his side.


Josh hypes up the Cross Rhodes, Disaster Kick, and the American Nightmare submission. Bennett avoids the Disaster, but eats a double-jump dive from Cody. They fight on the floor and Bennett hits a draping DDT on the floor.  Bennett gets a long chinlock, but Cody fires back with a comeback and hits the Disaster. Bennett hits a Pedigree to mild boos and gets 2. They get into a back and forth fight fight before Cody hits Cross Rhodes and wins.

Moose says he’ll win tonight and does the “Moose/Moose/Moose” bit. Generic Josh X division hype video sounds just dreadful due to his delivery. Marshe Rockett comes down to face DJZ. Rockett dominates with a mix of power and speed, which allows DJZ to play a face in peril – which works well for him. Rockett’s stinger splash misses, but the flying DDT gets the win for DJZ. Bennett complains to Maria about how TNA drives him insane.


Madison comes out for commentary, and sticks out like a sore thumb being just about the only person not banned from ringside. Maria gets some weapons and we get a long game of cat and mouse. Gail runs Maria into a rolling laundry hamper and throwing that into the post. Maria regains control thanks to her weapons and tosses Gail onto a chair. Gail hits Eat Defeat and picks her up at 2 so she can do one on a garbage can lid and wins. EC3 and Eli’s grey beard argue about “the button”. Eddie tells Cody that he respects Cody wanting a title shot and he’ll give him a shot if he can.

An eerie group in white masks says that their masks are there to show that they aren’t afraid to take a stand. Yay – another faction in TNA! Moose and EC3 have a match even worse than Moose vs. EC3. EC3 is just way too slow right now and even though he’s theoretically smaller than Moose, Moose is much faster and slightly more exciting. A stinger splash and flapjack hit, but the One Percenter is tossed off and the Game Changer hits to the back of the head and wins.  Lashley comes down for a staredown. Well, this wasn’t a bad show – but it was fairly boring at times and a lot of entrance music was muted for some reason.


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