NYCC 2016, DC Comics / Dynamite Entertainment Spoilers & News: Will Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, Appear In Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman?

New York Comic Con 2016 (NYCC 2016), DC Comics / Dynamite Entertainment Spoilers and News follow.


Writer Andy Mangels sat down with BC for interview about his upcoming Dynamite / DC Comics crossover called Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman. In the interview he was aksed asbout whether Stever Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man, would appear in the mini-series. His answer is below.

      “Steve Trevor, definitely. He shows up on page 8 of issue #1 and goes from there. Steve Austin… well, he’s a different license from Universal, so how about I say that Steve’s presence is definitely a part of the mix, just as it often was on The Bionic Woman TV series. Whether we’ll see him or not… that’s a Six Million Dollar Question!”

I’m looking forward to this mini-series with a cross-over 40 years in the making!

I hope Steve Austin appears. Artist Alex Ross sure knows how to render him and all the bionic characters.


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