Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Travelers‘ Creator Brad Wright


The sci fi genre is hotter than it has ever been. With Orphan Black and Killjoys both making an immediate impact on Space, Showcase is set to premiere its latest entry into what is becoming an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Travelers is a futuristic series that takes place hundreds of years from now follows the last surviving humans and their ability to send consciousness through time, directly into people who are residing in the 21st century. The show follows these ‘travelers’ as they assume the lives of seemingly random people while secretly working to save their lives.

The show is intelligent and challenges the viewer to keep up or risk being left behind. Its pacing is what resonated to me the most and (without giving anything away), the ‘countdown’ technique employed by the show’s writers only adds to the urgency of wanting to see what happens next.

The travelers are: FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren (Eric McCormack), the team’s leader; Marcy (Alberta-native MacKenzie Porter, Hell on Wheels), a young, developmentally challenged woman in the care of her social worker, David (Edmonton’s Patrick Gilmore,You Me Her); Trevor (Manitoba-native Jared Paul Abrahamson, Awkward.), a high school quarterback; Carly (Ontario-native Nesta Cooper, Heroes Reborn), a single mom in an abusive relationship; and Philip (Reilly Dolman, Supernatural), a heroin-addicted college student.

Last month, I had the chance to catch up with the show’s creator Brad Wright and we chatted about a variety of topics including the concept of the series and the pressures he faced in attempt to replicate the same success he found with Stargate. We also talked about the benefit of the show airing on Showcase in a weekly format while also being available internationally on Netflix.

Check out the interview above!

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT beginning October 17 exclusively on Showcase in Canada, and will stream on Netflix internationally beginning December 2016. Full episodes of Travelers will be available the next day on

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