Superman Family & DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Action Comics #965, Superwoman #3 & The DC Rebirth New Super-Man Connection?!


In light of the New Super-Man linkage noted in the second review below, I may need to work the New Super-Man into the Superman Family DC Rebirth banner. Hmmm.

Superman Family and DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Action Comics #965 and Superwoman #3!



DC Comics Rebirth Action Comics #965 Spoilers and Review.


You may recall the DC Comics Rebirth era’s first Superwoman was the New 52 Lois Lane who died. She was good friends with the New 52 Lana Lang, who also had super-powers, and who assumed the role of Superwoman after Lois’ passing.

Well, the pre-Flashpoint and current DC Rebirth Lois Lane in Action Comics #965 attempts to take the role of the New 52 Lois Lane as part of her efforts to find out what happened to her. She first meets Jimmy Olsen, who doesn’t see that this Lois Lane is a bit older than the other one.


She also meets classic Daily Planet misogynist and narcissist sports reporter Steve Lombardi. Maybe they don’t all notice this Lois Lane is not their Lois Lane or is older because she has a different haircut and hair coloring? An interest visual distraction for the other Daily Planet staffers.


Lois Lane explains she has been away and immersed in writing a book that honors the New 52 Superman after his passing and…


…meets with Editor in Chief Perry White and new owner Lex Luthor. While she may still be working on the New 52 Superman book, Lex Luthor asks her to find out more on the new DC Rebirth Superman and also write a few positive pieces on Lex Luthor as a hero in his Superman Iron Man armor. She is reluctant on the latter, but open to the former.


Lois Lane also meets up with the separate-from-Superman Clark Kent who she will be working alongside.


Clark Kent has a temper tantrum since Lois Lane makes him feel that he’s not trusted the same as the DC Rebirth Superman.


Lois Lane’s investigation of her namesake’s whereabouts lead her to that Lois Lane’s apartment where…


…she’s confronted by DC Rebirth’s second and current Superwoman, Lana Lang!



A solid issue with Lois Lane at his heart. The way Detective Comics is a Batman Family book, Action Comics feels like a Superman Family book with Superman and Lois Lane, with son, at its heart. Really enjoyed Lois Lane’s journey and progression in this issue and the cliffhanger with Superwoman makes a lot of sense. 8 out of 10.

DC Comics Rebirth Superwoman #3 Spoilers and Review.


Well, the Action Comics #965 cliffhanger serves as a nice segue into Superwoman #3 and its titular character.

Superwoman opens with Lex Luthor being improsined by his sister Lena Luthor who has a Apokolips / New Gods’ Mother Box at her disposal that chants “Lena” instead of “Ping” like other Mother Boxes. Lena Luthor has made Lex Luthor’s Superman Iron Man suit make his legs immobile so Lex feels what lena felt being at one-time crippled.


We learn about how Lex Luthor experimented on Lena, in much the way the Chinese did with the New Super-Man.


Lena was freed by a Bizarro version of the Earth 3 Superwoman.


She also has another secret. She can not only way, but has super-powers by way of a modified classic Lex Luthor green and purple super-suit. She is…


…Ultrawoman! With a Mother Box and Bizarros at her disposal!


At the same time, Lana Lang as Superwoman, fights a local threat with the Atomic Skull of all people, and we…


…see her continue to become ill as she uses her powers.


These Superwoman and Ultrawoman plots merge for the SUperwoman #3 cliffhanger with Lex Luthor in fear and the readers learning that Lana Lang may follow the New 52 Superwoman to the grave?



Another solid issue from this monthly DC Rebirth series. This book also feels like an ensemble book which works. It has Steel (John Henry Irons and his sister Natasha Irons) as a regular part of the cast, in part since Lana and John are dating, but its nice that Lana Lang gets her spotlight in this book as a heroine while Lois Lane gets similar treatment in the recent Action Comics. Superwoman #e is a guilty pleasure and highly recommended for story and art. 9 out if 10.

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